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Qantas Finally Releases its Much-Loved Boarding Music After Frequent Flyer Complaints

Qantas Finally Releases its Much-Loved Boarding Music After Frequent Flyer Complaints

Australian flag carrier Qantas has finally released its official boarding music after frequent flyers complained they no longer had an opportunity to listen to the much-loved composition anymore because lockdowns and travel restrictions have kept Qantas planes and passengers grounded.

The boarding music has been around for several years but until now Qantas kept it tightly under wraps and tried to prevent it from being played anywhere apart from onboard its aircraft.

Specially created for Qantas by Australian composer Haydn Walker and guitarist Nathan Cavaleri, the airline’s soundtrack is featured on all Qantas domestic and international flights but fewer and fewer passengers have had an opportunity to hear the music and no one knows for sure when they might get to listen to it again on a Qantas plane.

Thankfully, Qantas has decided to answer the calls of its frequent flyers and has decided to finally release the soundtrack to the public.

Yes, there might already have been a few unofficial copies of the composition on YouTube but they weren’t always great quality. But now, the soundtrack is available on Spotify, Apple Music and on the official Qantas YouTube video (see above).

There are actually two parts to the soundtrack and both Part 1 and Part 2 is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Qantas has only published Part 1 on YouTube which is accompanied by images of Australia’s spectacular landscape.

“Our customers tell us they miss flying as much as getting to the destination itself and this sensory experience will help fill the temporary void while some of us can’t fly because of border closures,” commented Qantas Group chief customer officer Stephanie Tully.

“We have some of the most engaged Frequent Flyer members in the world and while we might not be able to take them around the world right now, we can remind them of what they have to look forward to when we welcome them back on board a Qantas flight in the future.”

When that might happen, however, remains unclear. Qantas has originally hoped to resume international services in October but under the Morrison government’s reopening plans, any significant restart might not happen until mid-2022 at the earliest.

A worsening outbreak of the Delta variant in New South Wales and clusters in several states means even domestic flights are severely curtailed at the moment. NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian says she hopes to lift restrictions by October if vaccination targets can be achieved.

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  • Wow that’s great,🙄. If they can just fix the five hours on hold for customer service, the unanswered emails and the six month wait for refunds for flights they cancel at a moment’s notice that would be even better. Hopefully they can achieve this before they go bankrupt despite the constant government bail outs.

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