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Former Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Sues Carrier Over ‘Cancel Culture’ Termination

Former Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Sues Carrier Over ‘Cancel Culture’ Termination

A former Alaska Airlines flight attendant claims the “woke” Seattle-based carrier fired her because she asked a simple question on an internal employee message board. The question was a dig at Alaska’s support for the proposed Equality Act which, if passed, will prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lacey Smith is being supported by First Liberty, a conservative Christian legal organization which has previously taken stances against LGBTQ+ rights. First Liberty has helped Lacey submit a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charging Alaska Airlines with “brazen discrimination”.

“Lacey was fired for asking a question about the company’s support for the ‘Equality’ Act—even though the company invited employees to discuss the topic,” the law group said in a statement. “The idea that an employer can fire an employee for expressing a religious belief is chilling,” a spokesperson for the group continued.

Lacey claims she was fired after Alaska Airlines invited discussion on an employee message board about its public support for the Equality Act. Lacey says she responded by asking: “As a company, do you think it’s possible to regulate morality?”

Rather than trying to answer Lacey’s question, she claims the company responded by claiming she had made a discriminatory statement because she was referring to gender and sexual identity issues as a moral issue.

The Equality Act, or House resolution 5, was introduced in February 2021 in an attempt to provide federal non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people in terms of housing, education, credit and more.

The Bill has already passed the House but is currently “stalling” in the Senate.

“The Equality Act would benefit many religious people and would not undermine existing religious exemptions in the amended civil rights laws, despite the suggestions of opponents of LGBTQ equality,” claims the Center for American Progress.

“Freedom and equality are fundamental American values. But today, millions of Americans lack basic non-discrimination protections just because of who they are or whom they love,” the White House has said about the Bill. 

First Liberty admits that Alaska Airlines has the right to support the Equality Act but claims Lacey also had the right to ask a question and challenge that support.

“It appears Alaska Airlines has fully caved to the woke ideologues in control of corporate America whose goal is to push radical political agendas,” First Liberty slams.

The group harks back to a time when flight attendants were expected to hand out “inspirational” cards that quoted from Psalms to First Class passengers during the meal service. The practice was discontinued in 2012.

Alaska says it promotes “healthy and honest discussions in the workplace on issues of diversity and inclusion” but the airline has refused to comment directly on the case brought by Lacey.

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  • I was invited to a special event given by AS to showcase their expansion in which the entire management team was present so were a host of local leaders including the Governor. What I found interesting was not once were we the MM’er’s let along the 75K flyers referred to in any of the speeches, granted it was a political reception however as a long long time AS FF I can away with the feeling that the Alaska Airlines I know and love has changed, forever. The management team once a “hometown airline” warm and fuzzy is gone. What else was lost that night was my overwhelming support and loyalty to Alaska Airlines. but then I submit there are more FF like me that are feeling the same.


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