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Low-Level Fly-Past: What Has Emirates Got Planned For its Bold Expo-Themed A380 Superjumbo?

Low-Level Fly-Past: What Has Emirates Got Planned For its Bold Expo-Themed A380 Superjumbo?

Emirates will perform two low-level flypasts of its Expo 2020 themed Airbus A380 superjumbo across Dubai on Wednesday and the airline says it’s all part of a secret project that won’t be revealed until a later date.

The bright blue A380 which is splashed with vivid green, orange, pink, purple and red will be flying low over Dubai’s most iconic highway – the Sheikh Zayed Road – between 5 am and 8 am on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The A380 will also be flying over the massive Expo 2020 located south of the city centre.

Photo Credit: Omar Bakri via Unsplash

Emirates is encouraging residents and visitors to take videos and photos of the fly-pasts which may offer a clue as to the special project Emirates is working on. Keen airplane spotters have, however, been warned not to use drones to capture the events and a ‘no-fly’ zone has been enacted across the area.

The special Expo 2020 livery was unveiled last month and Emirates plans to fly the A380 across its route network over the next few months to promote the event around the world. Emirates passengers get free tickets to the Expo which is running through 31 March 2022.

The complete transformation was the biggest special livery Emirates has ever embarked upon and took a total of 4,379 man-hours over 16-days to complete. A team of painters had to completely strip the A380 of its usual paint scheme before meticulously applying the new eye-catching paintwork and decals.

The bright blue Expo plane will be one of 27 Airbus A380’s that Emirates will have returned to service by the end of November. At present, the airline is only flying 16 A380’s but demand is quickly picking up as pandemic travel restrictions are rolled back.

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