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Passenger Dies By Suicide in Plane Lavatory Onboard Flight From Sharm el-Sheikh to Russia

Passenger Dies By Suicide in Plane Lavatory Onboard Flight From Sharm el-Sheikh to Russia

A passenger onboard a Russian S7 Airlines flight from the popular Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to Samara died a short time after takeoff despite desperate attempts by flight attendants and medical personnel who happened to be travelling on the flight to save his life.

Local Russian media report that the man apparently died by suicide, although an official investigation by Russia’s Central Interregional Investigative Department for Transport is still underway.

The passenger has been identified as Alexander Dokshin, 48, a Russian businessman who owned a car mechanic business and who is survived by his wife and young daughter.

A spokesperson for S7 Airlines has confirmed that a man died on one of its flights with “signs of suicide” according to the state-run TASS news agency.

Shortly after takeoff, Dokshin entered the lavatory at the back of the aircraft but flight attendants became concerned for his welfare because he was in the lavatory for so long.

The crew eventually broke into the lavatory and found Dokshin unconscious. Flight attendants started resuscitation and medics who were travelling as passengers on the flight also came to Dokshin’s aid.

The flight made an emergency diversion to Cairo where ambulance personnel also tried to resuscitate Dokshin but without success.

“Three medical workers, including a resuscitator, were present on the flight, who carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation before the plane landed,” A spokesperson for S7 told TASS.

“At Cairo airport, the passenger was handed over to local doctors, but despite all the resuscitation, he died,” the statement continued.

Russian consular officials attended the airport and in consultation with local authorities and the airline, Dokshin’s body was loaded into the cargo hold to be transported back to Russia.

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