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A Female Passenger Reportedly Did WHAT to Her Cat On a Delta Air Flight to Atlanta?

A Female Passenger Reportedly Did WHAT to Her Cat On a Delta Air Flight to Atlanta?

Americans are known for going to great lengths to care for and love their pets but one Delta Air Lines passenger may have taken it a step too far on a recent flight from Syracruse to Atlanta.

Pet owners may well consider their cats a close member of the family but that thought process definitely shouldn’t extend to breastfeeding your feline friend.

Yet, that’s exactly what appears to have happened onboard Delta Air flight DL1360 to Atlanta.

A screenshot of what appears to be a pilot messaging system claims that a passenger started breastfeeding her cat and didn’t stop even after repeated requests from flight attendants onboard the Airbus A320 operated flight.

“Pax (passenger) in (seat) 13A is breastfeeding a cat and will not put cat back in its carrier when FA (flight attendant) requested,” reads the ACARS message sent to Delta’s operations control center.

The pilots request one of Delta’s Redcoat ground team meet the flight in order to reprimand the customer.

Delta has been contacted for comment, although the airline is yet to confirm whether in fact, this incident did indeed take place.

Over the last couple of years, Delta has significantly toughened its attitude to allowing pets to travel in the passenger cabin, although bad behavior on the part of the pet rather than the owner was the main reason behind Delta’s shift in attitude.

Despite concerns about pets urinating, defecating and sometimes even attacking other passengers and flight attendants, Delta does still allow passengers to travel with their pet cats and smaller dogs in the cabin.

Approved pets must remain in a kennel which is placed underneath the seat in front for the duration of the flight. Delta is now able to charge for pets to travel in the passenger cabin after the Department of Transportation altered the rules on emotional support animals.

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