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Qatar Airways Fully Restores Premium Inflight Dining Experience to Pre-Pandemic Service

Qatar Airways Fully Restores Premium Inflight Dining Experience to Pre-Pandemic Service

Qatar Airways has fully restored its pre-pandemic inflight dining experience for premium passengers by reintroducing individual table layups and doing away with meal trays in First and Business Class.

The restored service will initially be offered on the Doha-based airline’s flights to London and Paris before being rolled out across its entire network in early 2022.

Compared to many other airlines, Qatar Airways’ pandemic era dining experience retained a nearly normal appearance. While other airlines removed almost all opportunities for passengers to eat or drink and then only served meagre food options in cardboard boxes, Qatar Airways continued to serve full three-course meals on china tableware.

But in an effort to reduce contact between crew and customers, table layups were pre-prepared on a serving tray and food was presented with plastic covers. Cutlery was also wrapped as an additional hygiene measure.

Despite surging Omicron infections in both the UK and France, Qatar Airways has decided to bring back its pre-pandemic service on key routes to London and Paris where the airline is utilising its Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Tables will now be set up with “crisp white” linen and silverware and chinaware presented directly onto the linen.

Qatar Airways reimagined its premium dining experience in 2018 with newly designed tableware and accessories including mini condiment grinders and linen-lined bread baskets. The airline also introduced an “enhanced” caviar service for First Class passengers accompanied “with a Balik-style salmon and showcased on a bespoke crystal plate.”

“The past year and a half has been a challenging period for the aviation industry, however we grew stronger and became more resilient as time went by,” commented chief executive Akbar Al Baker.

“Today, we are happy to mark a new chapter that brings us a step closer to the recovery of the pandemic. Passengers will now be able to further enjoy Qatar Airways’ world-renowned in-flight services onboard our flights between Doha, London and Paris with more destinations to follow.”

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  • I have flown Qatar Airways once over the past several months – an excellent inflight experience.

    And have another trip coming up in a few weeks – and it now looks to be even better.

    No more “First Class” turkey sandwich wrapped in plastic or “pimento cheese” wrapped in plastic. Neither are edible, so for goodness sake stop serving those things of “food” to us !!

    Qatar has found a way to provide excellent food, excellent service, and all in a professional and safe way. Other airlines (including ones with crabby old flight attendants) can do the same. Otherwise, prepare to watch your passengers go to where they are appreciated.


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