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Korean Air Flight Attendants Make Criminal Complaint Against YouTuber Over Uniform Video

Korean Air Flight Attendants Make Criminal Complaint Against YouTuber Over Uniform Video

A Korean YouTube star and social media influencer is facing a potential criminal investigation over allegations made by Korean Air flight attendants who have accused the woman of sexual commodification by appearing in a raunchy lookbook-style video featuring flight attendant uniforms.

The controversial eight-minute video has caused a local uproar after the YouTuber appeared in skimpy underwear before putting on two uniforms that look uncannily like Korean Air flight attendant uniforms.

The union submitted a dossier of evidence at Gangnam police station in Seoul according to the Yonhap news agency. Flight attendants have asked police to bring defamation charges against the YouTuber, alleging she is reinforcing sexual stereotypes about flight attendants.

The video allegedly shows the woman “engaging in obscene acts with flight attendant uniforms on” which could also attract separate sexual offence charges by police.

Local media have suggested that the woman wanted to attract attention by wearing flight attendant uniforms as part of a publicity campaign to sell sex toys.

The YouTuber has defended the video and claims that although the clothes she wore looked similar to flight attendant uniforms, they weren’t official uniforms and differed in both design and fabric to the real uniforms worn by flight attendants.

The official labor union for Korean Air flight attendants says the airline is carrying out is own legal review and may also bring legal proceedings against the YouTuber.

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