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Boy George Lashes Out at British Airways For Making First Class Passengers Wait For Victoria Beckham to Disembark Before Anyone Else

Boy George Lashes Out at British Airways For Making First Class Passengers Wait For Victoria Beckham to Disembark Before Anyone Else

The ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me’ singer Boy George lashed out at British Airways and almost sparked a feud with fashion designer Victoria Beckham after the former Spice Girl made other First Class passengers on a recent flight so she could disembark first and be whisked away by a waiting VIP limousine.

Boy George, real name Alan O’Dowd, 61, shared his annoyance at being made to wait while ‘Posh Spice’ was chaperoned off a recent British Airways flight before anyone else in a Tweet that he later deleted in an attempt to make amends.

“Nice touch for @britishairways to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps while Victoria Beckham’s car picks her up. Proper going to avoid flying BA for a while!”, the Culture Club frontman said in the now-deleted tweet.

But in an attempt to avoid a major rift forming between the two celebs, British Airways apparently reached out to O’Dowd to explain that Beckham had paid thousands of pounds extra for the special service which is actually provided by Heathrow Airport and not BA.

“Myself and @britishairways are back in love. Now I know it costs 6,000 to get off the plane before everyone else,” O’Dowd wrote in a follow-up tweet.

“Also, my current remit is to be more friendly, human and have more patience. Lol! Wish me luck. I also forgot to say how lovely my flight was!”

Heathrow describes its VIP service as the “ultimate airport experience” with a separate and private entrance which is like a private airport within the main terminal building.

After being chauffeured to a dedicated reception, VIP guests are escorted to their own personal lounge where they can enjoy food prepared to order from a menu designed by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton and delivered by their very own butler.

For arriving passengers, Heathrow sends a luxury BMW limousine to pick VIPs up directly from the plane and drive them straight to an exclusive suite where a dedicated immigration officer is standing by to complete entry formalities.

As the service is offered by Heathrow rather than individual airlines, operators like British Airways don’t have much say in how it can affect other passengers.

Heathrow’s VIP terminal, formally known as the Windsor Suite, is popular amongst celebrities who demand complete privacy, as well as politicians and royalty including Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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