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No Hot Food For Passengers On Some JetBlue Flights Between New York and London Because Planes Don’t Have Enough Ovens

No Hot Food For Passengers On Some JetBlue Flights Between New York and London Because Planes Don’t Have Enough Ovens

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Passengers on some of JetBlue’s flights across the transatlantic won’t be served any hot food because the airline hasn’t installed enough ovens on the aircraft slated to operate certain services between New York JFK and London Gatwick.

JetBlue launched its first-ever transatlantic service in August 2021 with direct flights to Heathrow Airport and has since expanded its service across the Pond with flights from New York JFK and Boston to London Gatwick.

The airline has ordered a total of 14 specially configured Airbus A321LR aircraft to operate its transatlantic services, featuring 24 fully lie-flat private Mint suites and 114 Economy Class ‘Core’ seats, with a “signature build-your-own dining concept” designed by New York-based restaurant group Dig.

The Economy Class meal service has received rave reviews and is generally considered a big step up from the food offerings you’ll find on legacy carriers that dominate the transatlantic market.

But it appears that Airbus can’t keep up with JetBlue’s ambitious transatlantic expansion and the airline might not have enough A321LR aircraft in its fleet by the time it launches a second daily flight from New York JFK to London Gatwick in October.

To get around that problem, JetBlue plans to use a standard A321neo aircraft which it hopes will be certified for long-haul overwater flying in the coming weeks.

There are, however, a couple of big differences between the A321neo and the A321LR. First off is the seating plan with the A321neo only featuring 16 Mint seats but 30 additional Core seats.

Otherwise, passengers might not be able to tell the two aircraft apart, except for one major difference. JetBlue never designed its A321neo aircraft with the intention of serving hot food in Core, so the airline never thought to install ovens in the rear galley from where Economy Class food is served from.

As a result, JetBlue has confirmed that it will “adjust” its meal service and will be forced to serve only cold food for Core customers, revealed Seth Miller at Passengers sat up the front in Mint should still receive hot food and a full meal service.

A spokesperson for the airline explained that service planners are working to “adjust our complimentary meal service in core to include two, non-Dig meal offerings – a non-vegetarian and vegetarian meal option, both of which come with an entrée, side salad and dessert.”

For now, the only flight to be affected by the aircraft swap will be the  B62143 from New York JFK to London Gatwick. Scheduling data shows the A321neo operating this service from October 29 through December 18, although there is the potential for this to be continued for longer.

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