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Far Right Commentator Gets Schooled After Calling Virgin Atlantic ‘Bigoted’ For Having Separate Male and Female Toilets On its Airplanes

Far Right Commentator Gets Schooled After Calling Virgin Atlantic ‘Bigoted’ For Having Separate Male and Female Toilets On its Airplanes

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The British far-right commentator Paul Joseph Watson has been schooled by the internet on the fact that all airplane toilets are ‘gender neutral’ after he suggested Virgin Atlantic was “bigoted” for its decision to jettison traditional gender uniform rules but keep separate ‘male’ and ‘female’ toilets.

“Pretty bigoted how they’re (Virgin Atlantic) still maintaining ‘male’ and ‘female’ toilets on the plane. I want to see the s**t show of ‘gender neutral bathrooms’ unfold at 30,000 feet,” Watson complained in a now-deleted tweet.

The 40-year-old YouTuber has amassed more than 1.9 million subscribers to his channel and is known for his association with conspiracist theorist Alex Jones and as the editor of the controversial InfoWars website.

In 2019, Facebook and Instagram permanently banned Watson for allegedly violating the social media giant’s policies on “dangerous individuals and organizations.”

On Wednesday, Watson apparently took aim at Virgin Atlantic after the airline announced major changes to its gender identity policy. The most headline-grabbing of which was the decision to allow outwardly-appearing male cabin crew to wear skirts.

“Gender specific toilets on planes? Have you never left your mum’s basement?” one person replied to Watson’s tweet.

“Wait what? The toilets on planes are unisex (basically gender neutral) What are you talking about ? When were you on a plane before?” another replied.

“Toilets on planes are gender neutral. There isn’t the room for anything else. Probably want to delete this one,” a third person said in response to Watson’s tweet.

And sure enough, Watson did quickly delete the tweet. But of course, the internet kept receipts in the form of a screenshot of Watson’s tweet.

Virgin Atlantic said on Wednesday that it had de-gendered its uniforms from a ‘male’ and ‘female’ kit so that employees can choose which of the Vivienne Westwood-designed uniforms best represents them regardless of their gender, gender identity, or gender expression.

Similar policies have already been embraced by several international airlines including American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. This is the first time, however, that a British airline has updated its uniform guidelines in such a way.

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