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This Airline Has Told its Flight Attendants That its Mandatory to Wear ‘Undergarments’

This Airline Has Told its Flight Attendants That its Mandatory to Wear ‘Undergarments’

Here We Go Again: Pakistan International Airlines Demands Flight Attendants Lose Weight or Be Grounded

An airline has ordered its flight attendants to wear undergarments even when they are out of uniform on layovers because of a growing trend by some crew members to dress casually that is allegedly leaving a “poor impression of the airline”.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) told crew members in a new internal memo reported by local media that they should dress smarter even when they off duty and that wearing undergarments was a must.

“It has been observed with great concern that a few cabin crew tend to dress casually while traveling intercity, staying in hotels and visiting various suffices,” the airline’s general manager of flight services Aamir Bashir told flight attendants in the memo.

“Such dressing leaves a poor impression on the viewer and portrays a negative image of not only the individual but also of the organisation,” Bahir continued.

The memo reminded flight attendants to “dress properly”, including the need to wear “proper undergarments”. “The clothing worn by males and females should be in accordance with our cultural and national morals,” Bashir concluded.

In 2019, Bashir ordered some flight attendants to lose weight or face being axed by the airline. The airline said some crew members would have to lose up to 30 Lbs in just six months or they would face being grounded and even dismissed.

In the same year, PIA also told flight attendants to stop posting pictures and videos of its airplanes on social media because photos of broken seats and damaged interiors could “damage the reputation” of the carrier.

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