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British Airways Passenger Claims She Found a ‘Dental Implant’ in Her Meal On Flight to Dubai

British Airways Passenger Claims She Found a ‘Dental Implant’ in Her Meal On Flight to Dubai

A British Airways passenger on a recent flight to Dubai says she found what looks like a dental implant in the meal that cabin crew served her, and she says she is still waiting her hear back from the Heathrow-based airline after submitting a complaint about the gruesome discovery.

Ghada El-Hoss, 34, was flying with British Airways from London to Dubai on October 25 when she made the pretty disgusting find in amongst her broccoli and rice.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Ghada reached out to British Airways in an attempt to chase up a response to her complaint. “Still waiting to hear from you regarding this dental implant we found in our food,” Ghada wrote in her message.

“We have all our teeth: it’s not ours,” Ghada continued. “This is appalling. I also can’t get through to anyone from your call center.”

In the same month that Ghada found what appears to be a dental implant in her inflight meal, a passenger flying with Indian carrier Vistara claims there was a dead cockroach lurking in his meal.

A photo of what appeared to be the hair-raising insect went viral, but the airline said it sent the meal off to be inspected and discovered the cockroach was, in fact, a piece of cooked ginger.

Perhaps even more gruesome, however, was the discovery of the severed head of a dead snake in a cabin crew meal onboard a SunExpress flight in July.

A spokesperson for SunExpress called the incident “absolutely unacceptable” and announced an urgent investigation into what had happened amidst reports of potential sabotage.

In June, American Airlines was slammed after a Business Class passenger on an international flight from Frankfurt to Dallas Fort Worth found what appeared to be small live bugs in his salad.

In the latest incident, it looks like British Airways is still investigating Ghada’s allegations, with a spokesperson telling us: “We have been in touch with the customer directly to apologise and ask for further details so that we can investigate urgently.”

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