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Spot The Difference: Cathay Pacific Executive Fires Back at Rival Singapore Airlines Over All Too ‘Similar’ Commercial

Spot The Difference: Cathay Pacific Executive Fires Back at Rival Singapore Airlines Over All Too ‘Similar’ Commercial

A senior marketing executive at Cathay Pacific has seemingly suggested rival Singapore Airlines big budget new marketing campaign over claims it’s all too similar to a set of commercials launched by Cathay in 2015.

In a now-deleted post on LinkedIn, Cathay’s marketing expert Edward Bell responded to Singapore Air’s viral commercial by pointing out the similarities with his airline’s ‘Life Well Travelled’ marketing campaign.

“Congratulations Singapore Airlines on your latest brand campaign. But I can’t help notice that it strongly resembles what we did several years ago?” Bell wrote about Singapore Air’s multi-million-dollar ‘Welcome to World Class’ marketing campaign.

In the Singapore Airlines commercial, one of the carrier’s famous ‘Singapore Girl’ flight attendants is seen exploring various countries and meeting new friends and acquaintances while helping people along the way.

The 90-second commercial was filmed in Auckland, Barcelona, Mumbai and Shanghai, as well as the airline’s home in Singapore.

In contrast, Cathay’s ‘Life Well Travelled’ commercials featured different passengers – including one dark, long-haired woman of Asian appearance who embarked on a journey through several different countries.

Both marketing campaigns feature the respective airline’s Economy Cabin, rather than focusing on premium cabins.

Singapore Airlines has refuted the allegations that there are any similarities between the two campaigns, with a spokesperson saying the carrier “respectfully disagree with the view” put forward by Bell.

“It is a distinctive SIA campaign video, with clear differences in terms of tone, storyline, and objectives from other airline campaign videos,” the airline said in a statement.

Cathay Pacific hasn’t commented on what some marketing experts have branded a ‘storm in a teacup’ but it has been made clear that Bell’s comments were made in his personal capacity and not on behalf of the airline.

Last year, Air New Zealand trolled Dubai-based Emirates over its decision to feature a CGI goose called Gerry as part of a marketing campaign to showcase its new Premium Economy seat.

It turns out that Air New Zealand has had a CGI goose called Dave flying on its aircraft for the last six years.

Back in 2016, Air New Zealand unveiled Dave the Goose in the Australian market as part of a local advertising campaign to appeal to long-haul customers. Even the name of the brand campaign had similarities: “The Better Way to Fly”.

Emirates launched its high-flying goose under the “Fly Better” tagline.

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