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Qatar Airways Becomes The First Airline in the Middle East to Introduce Electronic Reusable Bag Tags

Qatar Airways Becomes The First Airline in the Middle East to Introduce Electronic Reusable Bag Tags

Qatar Airways is to become the first airline in the Middle East to introduce a reusable, electronic bag tag that will help frequent flyers speed through the airport process.

The durable bag tag uses a state-of-the-art e-ink display that can be quickly updated from one flight to the next. The tag doesn’t use batteries or any other power source so travellers don’t need to worry that the display will suddenly stop working mid-way through their journey.

The electronic bag tag is designed and manufactured by a Dutch company appropriately called Bagtag. The same technology was already rolled out by Alaska Airlines in the United States and is also in use at Dutch flag carrier KLM and Lufthansa.

Qatar Airways passengers will be able to check-in for their flight via the airline’s app or website and then the bag tag will automatically update with the flight details. On arrival at the airport, passengers can skip check-in queues and simply leave their luggage at a bag drop point.

“The introduction of the electronic bag tags reflects Qatar Airways’ continuous commitment to its passengers to provide the best possible travel experience,” the airline said in a statement.

“By offering a more touchless and seamless travel experience, the airline continues to ensure its passengers can expect the highest level of service and excellence throughout their trip,” the statement continued.

Bagtag sells its unbranded ‘flex’ tag for $79.95 but a special Qatar Airways branded version of the tag in the airline’s signature burgundy colourway will be sold from select Qatar Duty Free locations later this year.

The airline has not yet confirmed how much the tag will cost or whether frequent flyers will receive a discount or even a tag gifted for free.

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  • All Qantas Frequent flyers receive a bagtag which performs this very function and so this ” innovation” is nothing new. Havetag, drop off bag and you are good to go

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