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Etihad Airways Flight Attendant Tells Amazing Story of Becoming the First Person in Her Village to Ever Work Abroad

Etihad Airways Flight Attendant Tells Amazing Story of Becoming the First Person in Her Village to Ever Work Abroad

A member of Etihad Airways cabin crew has shared her incredible story of how she became the first person in her village ever to work abroad after initially being disowned by her family because of her dreams to pursue a career as a flight attendant.

Mamata Choudhary fulfilled her dream of moving abroad to work for Etihad Airways last year after a brief spell working for a domestic airline in her native India, but her journey to moving to Abu Dhabi wasn’t all plain sailing.

In fact, Choudhary first landed a gig as cabin crew back in 2018 after moving from her home village to Delhi to pursue a very different career path than her family originally had in mind for her.

Unfortunately, Choudhary was rejected after already being offered the job because she didn’t have a passport. Despite a global pandemic, however, Choudhary continued to pursue her dreams.

Choudhary’s family had always believed she would stay in the village forever, marry a local man and raise children as a home keeper, she told the Humans of Bombay blog.

Choudhary had very different ideas and told her father she wanted to move to the city. Her dream, however, came at a very big price – she had to cut ties with her family.

It was a risk Choudhary was willing to take, although she first encountered her first big problem… She didn’t speak English very well. Choudhary says she watched YouTube videos to improve her English to the point that it was so good that she interviewed as cabin crew in 2018 and was initially offered the job.

Excited to share the news with her family, Choudhary says their reaction took her by surprise. Fearing she would bring dishonour on them, her family initially cut her off completely.

When the job offer fell through, Choudhary had nowhere to turn. It wasn’t until 2019, feeling “lost and depressed,” that she called her mother. She was invited home, and when they realised she still hadn’t given up her dreams, they started to support her.

Choudhary took up modelling before becoming cabin crew for a domestic airline and then achieving her dream of becoming a flight attendant for a major international carrier.

“I became the first woman from my village to work abroad,” Choudhary said. “My parents were so proud of me. Papa hugged me and said, ‘Shabash (Well done)!’”.

“It’s been a year now, and ever since, I’ve travelled to 23 countries and bought my dad a car.”

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  • Good for her! What an extraordinary example of fortitude she is. She has and continues to move mountains as the expression goes. I am so happy her family is happy & supportive of her. You are an inspiration. Really.

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