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Southwest Airlines Will Let Flight Attendants Have Visible Tattoos and Nose Piercings in Uniform Guidelines Shakeup

Southwest Airlines Will Let Flight Attendants Have Visible Tattoos and Nose Piercings in Uniform Guidelines Shakeup

Flight Attendant Sues Southwest Airlines for Covering Up for Pilots Accused Who Live-Streamed Onboard Lavatory

Southwest Airlines will soon let flight attendants display tattoos and wear nose piercings in a shakeup of its internal uniform standards policy, which is aimed at mimicking rivals following an outcry from staffers who felt the carrier was struggling to keep up with a wider change across the airline industry.

The updated Uniform Appearance Standards are set to come into force on March 20 at which point flight attendants will be allowed to wear a single nose stud piercing.

Tattoos will also be officially permitted, as long as they are ‘tasteful’ and no bigger than the size of the uniform badge. Face tattoos will remain off limits, as to will larger tattoos such as a full or half ‘sleeve’.

Flight attendants with ‘non-compliant’ tattoos must be able to cover their ink with the standard uniform. Some new hire flight attendants who were still in training were recently terminated when they were discovered with small tattoos on their fingers and wrists.

But while Southwest is relaxing some uniform rules, the carrier is also getting stricter with some of its other appearance standards. Flight attendants will soon be forbidden from having neon-colored fingernails, as well as detailed nail art and vibrant colors like the airline’s very own orange hue.

The policy shakeup was drawn up after the airline recently reminded staffers of its longstanding ban on visible tattoos. Southwest took a rethink after an outcry from staff who pointed to rival airlines that were relaxing their own tattoo policies.

In 2022, United Airlines became one of the first airlines in the United States to allow some visible tattoos, and in recent months Breeze Airways has followed suit by allowing small tattoos on fingers, arms and even behind the ears.

Internationally, Virgin Atlantic made headlines last year when it opened the door to flight attendants to display visible tattoos of any size, as long as the designs weren’t offensive – a determination remains at the discretion of the airline.

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  • Can’t stand tats🤢🤢🤢 when I see one I think of hepatitis. I am a former southwest flight attendant. Will not ever travel on that airline again. Still have friends flying for them. I’ve been told the company will hire any piece of trash off the street. She sad that this airline has lowered their standards.

    • I am also a flight attendant for a major US airline and this trend is off the chain.. Apparently the professional and sought after appearance standards of the airlines is being changed forever. My airline is also hiring for the flight attendant position and the majority of the new hires look like street people with tats and piercings.. A disgraceful attempt to hire people who are meant to serve the travelling public and keep them safe at 36,000 feet.. Disgraceful to give in to those who really don’t care about the type of job that thousands used to truly have respect for..

  • Flight Attendants constantly complain about being professionals and wanting to be treated as such. Sorry, but tatts and nose rings don’t belong in a “professional” atmosphere. You want to fly your freak flag, go work at the Waffle House.

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