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Top Exec at Luxury French Brand Hermès Blasts Emirates Over “Extremely Bad” Service From New Cabin Crew

Top Exec at Luxury French Brand Hermès Blasts Emirates Over “Extremely Bad” Service From New Cabin Crew

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The head of communications at the French luxury fashion house Hermès has caused a stir after she slammed Emirates Airline over what she described as “extremely bad” service from junior cabin crew on a recent flight.

Fanny Massoutre, who has worked for Hermès for nearly 11 years and is currently based in Dubai, took to Instagram to blast Emirates and, in her opinion, the declining level of service that the airline offered.

In an Instagram story posted on Saturday, Massoutre tagged Emirates and said: “You are becoming extremely bad in service, your staff are now all juniors and new without even training them properly for the manager roles.”

“It’s a shame to let the image of your company reach this level of client service and experience,” the post continued.

Reiterating her point, Massoutre wrote: “After 12 years of travels with @emirates I never reach this level of disappointment…VERY BAD @emirates.”

Last October, Emirates revealed it had hired more than 6,000 new cabin crew since the start of 2022, and the airline is continuing to scout new flight attendants in recruitment events being held daily in multiple locations around the world.

Potential new recruits are being lured with the promise of a tax-free salary, free accommodation and generous travel benefits.

At one point, Emirates’ team of recruiters embarked on what the airline described as a “whirlwind 30-city” world tour to track down new cabin crew recruits.

The airline’s chief operating officer Adel Ahmed Al Redha admitted that the sheer number of new recruits was putting pressure on the airline’s training facilities. During a future tech conference Al Redha said Emirates was hoping to ease the pressure by taking some in-person training sessions into the metaverse.

Around 4,000 recruits could be training in the metaverse by the end of this year.

Massoutre did not say which class of cabin she was flying in but, generally speaking, Emirates has dedicated Business and First Class flight attendants who have spent several years honing their skills before being allowed to progress their careers.

In a statement to Arabian Business (paywall), the airline said: “Emirates’ focus is always to ensure that it delivers extraordinary customer service both in the air and on the ground. We take all customer feedback seriously.”

“Our Customer Affairs team has fully looked into the matter and are in touch with Ms Massoutre.”

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  • If she think Emirates is bad then she should try one of the other airlines. Her opinion will soon change. As a Hermes executive, maybe she needs to improve the service her company offers. People in glass houses………..

  • I agree fully . EMIRATES service has gone from bad to worse , not only on board but across the whole company…absolutely pathetic!!!!

  • That’s too obvious, most of the staff they are hiring by the acquaintance. Few times my friend was on the final assessment and met people who came there by the reference of some managers on Emirates and didn’t even pass properly all tasks but they were selected surprisingly. So, Emirates has to change their HR…

  • Many crew has been made redundant, management being stubborn and they don’t want them back even if those crew did nothing. This is Karma

  • this HERMES employee maybe better to pay for her own flight and start to use her money for charity instead of complaining regarding what she doesn’t Know about!!!

  • Most capitalists simply choose QR or other competitor. Is she paying out of her own pocket? If not, then she can complain to Hermes. Good luck with that. Bottom line, rather strange and ineffective way for her corporate travel office to negotiate corporate rates with EK.

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