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Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants No Longer Have to Pay to Have Uniform Shipped to Their Home Address

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants No Longer Have to Pay to Have Uniform Shipped to Their Home Address

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Flight attendants at the ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines will no longer have to pay to have their own uniform shipped to their home address after crew members voted in favor of a new contract ahead of the airline’s merger with jetBlue.

The vote was presented as the last opportunity to secure a new contract before the two airlines merge, possibly delaying pay and lifestyle improvements for several years at least.

In the end, 75 percent of the Florida-based airline’s flight attendants voted to ratify the contract. Securing the right to have new uniform items shipped free of charge was one of the contract items that will be implemented immediately.

The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA), which represents Spirit crew, said the contract would raise base wages for 6,000 flight attendants by between 10-27 percent and the majority would enjoy a 40% pay bump in less than two years.

New hire flight attendants with less than six months of service will see their hourly pay rate increase by just 38 cents to $21.42 in the first year of the contract. In the second half of service, the hourly rate will rise to $25.29.

In contrast, a new hire flight attendant at Delta Air starts at an hourly rate of $33.81.

The Association of Flight Attendants is fighting to unionize Delta flight attendants, but the airline has fought back and some analysts suggest this has pushed the airline to offer industry-leading conditions, including boarding pay.

Spirit flight attendants won’t get boarding pay with their new contract but AFA has secured additional pay for times when irregular operations cause delays and cancellations.

“This contract will make an immediate difference in Spirit Flight Attendants’ lives,” commented Jason Kachenmeister, the president of the AFA Spirit union.

“While we navigate the proposed merger, Spirit Flight Attendants have locked in three raises, additional pay factor improvements, better rest on layovers, all while maintaining our healthcare insurance with no premium increases,” Kachenmeister continued.

The AFA supports the proposed merger between Spirit and jetBlue, but post-merger contract talks could prove difficult because flight attendants at jetBlue are represented by the rival TWU union.

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