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This is How You Could Save Money On Flights Using Skyscanner’s Savings Generator Tool

This is How You Could Save Money On Flights Using Skyscanner’s Savings Generator Tool

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Flight metasearch engine Skyscanner has analysed tens of thousands of booking data points over the last 12 months to rebuild its ‘Savings Generator Tool‘ and help bargain hunters find the cheapest flight deals in time for summer.

The tool can help you find the cheapest week to travel to a selection of the most sought-after destinations this summer and compares a slew of key metrics, including average seat price and the best day to fly, as well as the best (and worst) days to book your flight.

Okay, so here’s how it works. The engineering team at Skyscanner have focused on ten popular origin countries, such as the United States and United Kingdom, Canada, France and Italy and then looked at the top 30 destinations from each of these origin countries.

You simply choose where you want to start your journey and pick where you’d like to go, and the Savings Generator will work out whether you can afford it,


First off, the average monthly flight price is displayed, followed by the best time to book and the cheapest day to fly. If your destination still seems out of reach, then the Savings Generator will also display an alternative destination which is pricing up cheaper.

And if you’re unsure where you want to fly, let the Savings Generator pick a random destination for you to consider. You can try the tool here: Skyscanner Savings Generator Tool.

I’m normally a fan of using Skyscanner’s ‘everywhere’ explore option, where you literally view the cheapest destinations for the dates you want to travel, or alternatively, I often use the maps feature on Google Flights to see what destinations are within my budget when I have particular travel dates in mind but not a destination.

Both of those options are useful when your destination is flexible, but your dates aren’t, but what I like about the Savings Generator Tool is that it gives you data on when you should book your flight in order to snag the right price.

I had some fun with it, and it definitely gave me some travel inspiration.

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