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Spirit Airlines is Offering a Massive 80% Bonus On All ‘Free Spirit’ Point Purchases Through July 6

Spirit Airlines is Offering a Massive 80% Bonus On All ‘Free Spirit’ Point Purchases Through July 6

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Spirit Airlines is currently offering a bonus of 80% on all ‘Free Spirit’ points purchases of 1,000 points or more through July 6. As a comparison, the last points promotion that Spirit Airlines ran last month was offering a maximum bonus of up to 60% so this latest offer represents an excellent deal.

What’s the deal?

Unlike many points promotions, this deal isn’t offering the best bonus to people with the biggest wallets. Quite simply, buy 1,000 or more ‘Free Spirit’ points from June 14 to July 6, and you’ll receive an 80% bonus on your purchase.

For example, the minimum 1,000 bonus will bag an 800-point bonus, while the maximum 60,000-point purchase nets 48,000 bonus points.

Is buying points worth it?

My recommendation is that purchasing points is advisable when you are nearing a redemption goal and need a small boost to reach it. I wouldn’t ordinarily strategically buy points without a redemption in mind, although I know some people see value in ‘banking’ points when excellent bonus offers like this are on offer.

Bonus promotions like this one can present a strategic opportunity to maximize the value of your rewards, and the bonus on point purchases can allow you to stretch your dollars further, bringing otherwise unattainable reward flights within reach.

Spirit’s Free Spirit program operates on a revenue-based model, where members earn points based on their how much they spend rather than the distance traveled. With a dynamic reward pricing system, you’ll want to check the cash price against the redemption cost to make sure you’re getting value for money.

How Much is a Free Spirit Point Worth?

I estimate that each ‘Free Spirit’ point has an approximate value of 0.80 cents, although the actual redemption value can vary. This is just a ballpark figure, however, and it’s important to research specific flights to determine the best value for your points. 

Spirit Airlines’ reward redemptions start as low as 2,500 points, making it possible to score flights at significantly discounted rates.

Important Terms to Note

  • The offer runs from June 15, 2023, at 9:00 AM ET to July 6, 2023, at 11:59 PM ET.
  • Points purchased are non-refundable and it could take up too 72 hours to appear in your account (although most people find that their points post within a day).
  • Purchased points are applicable towards all Free Spirit rewards but do not count towards Free Spirit status upgrades.
  • You can’t purchase points within the first 12 days of opening a ‘Free Spirit’ account.

For more information on the points needed for your reward flight on Spirit, check here.

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