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Qantas Teases New Look Premium Economy Seats and Special ‘Wellbeing Zone’ On Planes That Will Fly Direct From Sydney to New York and London

Qantas Teases New Look Premium Economy Seats and Special ‘Wellbeing Zone’ On Planes That Will Fly Direct From Sydney to New York and London

Australian flag carrier Qantas has unveiled the first computer renders of its new Premium Economy and Economy Class seats, as well as an all-new ‘Wellbeing Zone’, which will feature on its fleet of Airbus A350-100 aircraft.

The idea of the Wellbeing Zone was developed because the fleet of 12 ultra-long-range A350-1000 aircraft, which are being custom-built for Qantas, will have the ability to fly for 20+ hours on direct flights from Sydney to New York and London.

Qantas’ new bespoke Premium Economy seat
The new Economy Class seat

In fact, Qantas’ outgoing CEO Alan Joyce said on Thursday that the airline and a team of wellness experts started working on the Wellbeing Zone before any other area of the A350.

Qantas unveiled the first renders of its ultra-luxe First Class and Business Class cabins back in February, but on Thursday, we got the first glimpse of what the airline has in store for the majority of passengers who will be sitting in the “second half” of the plane.

The new Wellbeing Zone features panelled walls with integrated grab handles
The Wellbeing Zone also features a large self-service cabinet for grab and go snacks.

“Reducing the number of seats onboard our A350 to 238 compared to the 300-plus seat layout of other carriers means we not only maximise aircraft performance across long distances, we give our passengers more space and comfort,” Joyce commented shortly after an inaugural flight from Sydney to New York JFK via Auckland.

“Fewer seats translate to more space for each customer and a dedicated Wellbeing Zone for travellers to stretch, help themselves to a snack and spend time out of their seat. We are the only airline in the world that will have a bespoke designed onboard stretch and movement space.” 

We were previously introduced to the new Business Class suites in February

The Wellbeing Zone will sit between the Premium Economy and Economy cabins and will take up the entire width of the aircraft at Doors 3. There will be panelled walls with integrated grab handles, allowing passengers to stretch out, while a large cabinet of snacks will be available for grab-and-go meals.

Meanwhile, the A350 will debut a brand new Premium Economy seat which is bespoke to Qantas, while Economy Class passengers will get a new foot net and additional storage in easy reach.

We’ve also been introduced to new renders of the new Qantas A350 First Class suite

Australian designer David Caon worked on the new cabins, taking into consideration research into the effects that ultra-long-haul air travel like we’ve never seen before could have on passengers and crew.

“In both the Premium Economy cabin and Economy cabins, we have redesigned every element of the seats to provide better features as well as a fresh look across the entire aircraft to create a sense of light and calm,” Caon said of this designs.

“The Premium Economy cabin has been redesigned from the ground up with a focus on ergonomics, entertainment and privacy,” he added.

“The new headrest wings are the biggest visible difference and will provide passengers with both additional support and a sense of privacy without isolating them from travel companions”.

Premium Economy will feature 40 seats, while the 140-seater Economy cabin will have the most generous pitch of any Qantas aircraft.

Every seat, regardless of cabin, will have fast USB-C charging ports, and premium seats will also feature wireless charging. In addition, Qantas plans to offer fast and free WiFi throughout the aircraft and Bluetooth connectivity so that passengers can pair their own headphones with the inflight entertainment system.

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