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Virgin Atlantic Selling Points With Up To 60% Bonus Could Help You Unlock Some Decent Redemptions

Virgin Atlantic Selling Points With Up To 60% Bonus Could Help You Unlock Some Decent Redemptions

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At a glance…

  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is offering a staggered bonus on point purchases of up to 60%
  • The current offer will end on July 31
  • Use your points in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic’s 30% discount on USA redemptions
  • Consider using points for Virgin Atlantic’s new Skyteam partners

Virgin Atlantic has launched a limited-time promotion, offering a bonus of up to 60% when purchasing Flying Club points.

This current offer presents a pretty good value method to bolster your point balance and enjoy greater flexibility in redeeming rewards.

Virgin Atlantic

What’s the Current Offer?

The current promotion offers the following bonuses based on the number of points purchased:

  • 20% bonus when buying 3,000 – 19,000 points
  • 40% bonus when buying 20,000 – 64,000 points
  • 50% bonus when buying 65,000 – 99,000 points
  • 60% bonus when buying 100,000 – 200,000 points

Points will be credited to members’ accounts within 24 hours of purchase.

During the promotion, the usual annual cap of 100,000 points per member has been increased to 200,000 points.

The cost per 1,000 points is £15 or $25 depending on where you are located, and beware that a transaction fee of £15 or £22 applies to each purchase.

Virgin Atlantic

Ways to Spend Flying Club Points

Flying Club points can be used for various redemption options, and they’re particularly valuable for long-haul Business Class flights. That being said, it’s important to be aware of carrier-imposed surcharges and government taxes, especially when departing from Virgin Atlantic’s hub at Heathrow Airport, which can really inflate the cost of an award ticket.

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club has, though, become a lot more useful after the airline joined the Skyteam alliance, allowing Flying Club members to redeem their points across member airlines, including ANA and Korean Air.

And, of course, the close ties between Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines, Air France, and KLM make Flying Club points a great option for Delta Air rewards.

Virgin Atlantic

If you’re planning to buy or use points for a specific reward, however, check availability beforehand.

How Much Are Flying Club Points Worth?

The value of Flying Club points can vary based on several factors, but typically I value them between 1.2 to 1.4 cents per point. However, it’s important to note that this is a subjective figure, subject to fluctuations influenced by various factors such as the chosen redemption option, availability, and associated fees.

The Value of Buying Points with a Bonus

The current promotion presents an opportunity to acquire Flying Club points at a discounted rate, thanks to the bonus offer.

With the bonus ranging from 20% to 60%, members can maximize their point balance and potentially save money on future redemptions. However, individuals considering this option should evaluate their travel plans and ensure that the potential value gained from the bonus outweighs the cost of purchasing the points.

Is Flying Club a Mileage or Revenue-Based Program?

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club remains a mileage-based program, a real rarity nowadays.

The airline provides easily accessible award charts, allowing members to quickly determine the number of points required for specific redemptions. Similar award charts are also available for partner airlines, making it convenient to plan and utilize Flying Club points effectively.

How Does This Promotion Compare to Previous Offers?

Although the current offer of up to a 60% bonus may not be the most generous in Virgin Atlantic’s history, it still provides a compelling incentive for members to buy points.

In previous promotions, bonuses have typically ranged from 60% to 70%. While the current offer falls within the average range, it offers a valuable opportunity for members to boost their Flying Club points balance.

Do Flying Club Points Expire?

Flying Club points do not expire, providing members with long-term flexibility in utilizing their accumulated points. This policy allows individuals to save their points for as long as necessary until they can be redeemed for their desired rewards.

Bottom Line

Virgin Atlantic’s current promotion, offering a bonus of up to 60% when purchasing Flying Club points, presents an attractive opportunity for members to enhance their rewards potential.

Flying Club points can hold significant value when used across Virgin Atlantic’s various partners, including Delta Air Lines and other Skyteam member carriers.

While the current offer is in line with previous promotions, it still serves as a compelling incentive for members to participate.

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