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Travelpro Launches New Slim Version of its Loved FlightCrew 5 Bag Which Fits in Regional Jet Overhead Lockers

Travelpro Launches New Slim Version of its Loved FlightCrew 5 Bag Which Fits in Regional Jet Overhead Lockers

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The company that invented the original rollaboard (and pretty much changed the way we travel forever) has just introduced a new slimmer version of its FlightCrew 5 bag, which is much-loved by pilots and flight attendants around the world.

Travelpro has designed the FlightCrew 5 Slim Expandable Rollaboard to fit in the overhead locker of most regional aircraft and, for a limited time, this bag, along with the rest of the FlightCrew 5 range, is currently on sale with savings of up to 33%.

You’ll need to log in to the specials Aviation Professional section of the Travelpro website in order to see the full listing.

I’ve used the classic FlightCrew bag for years, and I continue to be smitten, but I have to admit that it can be a squeeze to get it in the overhead locker on some aircraft… and I mean, a squeeze.

In fact, on one flight on a particularly old Boeing 737, a gate agent took one look at my bag and made me check it… Once I got on board, I could see why. It wouldn’t have fit.

The Slim Expandable takes all of the great features that have made the FlightCrew 5 range so popular with aviation professionals (like ballistic nylon fabric, a super rugged construction, hard-wearing wheels and a super smooth telescopic handle) and shrinks it into a smaller size.

The case measures just 19 inches by 14 inches and 7.5 inches but still manages to offer a capacity of up to 40 litres. There are two smaller pockets on the front and an easily accessible pocket on the back and when the need arises, the case can be expanded by two inches using a zippered tapered expander.

Like all FlightCrew 5 bags, the Slim Expandable also comes with the classic J-Hook to achieve the ‘luggage train’.

During the sale period, the Slim Expandable is on offer with savings of 33% and is selling for just $169.99. Travelpro also offers aviation professionals the ability to pay in interest-free instalments via ShopPay.

Along with the Slim Expandable, the rest of the FlightCrew 5 range is also on sale, including the 22″ Expandable Rollaboard with savings of $88 and the 21″ Expandable, four-wheeled spinner, which is currently selling for just $209.

To buy the FlightCrew 5 range, you’ll need to access the special Aviation Professionals section of the TravelPro website here.

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  • The issue you may have with this is that the gate agents will see that it is normalish height and think it’s a regular roller and make you gate check it on RJ’s, unlike the short stubby rollers. So you either will have to check it or argue with them.

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