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Mom Says She Was Booted From United Airlines Flight For Accidentally Misgendering Flight Attendant in Alleged ‘Hate Crime’

Mom Says She Was Booted From United Airlines Flight For Accidentally Misgendering Flight Attendant in Alleged ‘Hate Crime’

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A United Airlines passenger who was trying to fly from San Francisco to Austin on Wednesday with her 16-month-old son and her mother claims she was booted from the flight and accused of committing a hate crime because she accidentally misgendered a flight attendant.

Jenna Longoria, who describes herself as a ‘functional nutritionist’, says she was flustered when she boarded the flight because her son was having a temper tantrum when a flight attendant accused her of misgendering one of their colleagues.

Taking to X and Instagram, Longoria appeared shocked as she recounted how she ended up being booted from the flight and warned that she might not ever be allowed to fly with United Airlines again.

“We were denied boarding, myself, my 16-month-old son, my mother… they took our luggage on the plane which has my thyroid medication which I’ll be very sick without, my mother’s medication… they basically said tough luck,” Longoria explained.

“They won’t tell me exactly what I said. What happened, I was speaking to a flight attendant, I got their pronouns wrong. The other flight attendant didn’t like it. I said ‘I’m really sorry’… I’m not very versed with pronouns,” Longoria continued.

“They are saying it is a hate crime that I did… I might not ever be allowed to fly United again. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what are rights are here.”

United Airlines has, however, questioned Longoria’s account of what went down on the plane and claims the real reason she was deplaned was because she had too many carry-on items.

And rather than being blacklisted from flying with United ever again, a spokesperson for the airline explained that they were actually rebooked on a later flight without any issues.

In a series of stories posted to Instagram, Longoria admitted that she was weighed down with luggage, including a car seat and stroller. In another story, a United ground manager refused to confirm the reason for her removal beyond the fact that it was based on a command from the Captain.

The manager did, however, tell Longoria that the reason for her removal might not just have been because she misgendered a flight attendant but because of other things that she said to the crew, describing it as a ‘verbal confrontation’.

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  • I imagine the “misgendering” was probably the least offensive thing she said. Flustered and overloaded, she probably mouthed off as so many seem to these days. Whatever happened to “count to 10”? Don’t they teach people that anymore?

  • Her story doesn’t make sense. When speaking directly to someone, one would use the pronoun “you,” which would not result in misgendering someone. Most likely she is using “pronouns” as ragebait to get attention.

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