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Woman Who Went Viral When She Pulled Down Her Underwear in the Aisle of a Frontier Flight Is Charged With Indecent Exposure

Woman Who Went Viral When She Pulled Down Her Underwear in the Aisle of a Frontier Flight Is Charged With Indecent Exposure

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A woman who went viral last November when she pulled down her underwear in the middle of the aisle of a Frontier Airlines flight has been charged with indecent exposure, assault, and interference with crew members following an FBI investigation into the incident.

60-year-old Dulce Huertas was a passenger on Frontier Airlines flight 4944 from Orlando to Philadelphia on November 20, 2023, when her wild behavior was caught on camera by shocked seatmates, who quickly posted her antics online for the world to see.

Prosecutors allege that Huertas suddenly stood up just as the plane was about to land, prompting a rebuke from flight attendants who told her to remain seated.

Heurtas exclaimed: “I have to pee”, before yelling and cursing after the flight attendants again told her to stay seated.

Huertas complied with the flight attendant’s instructions, but prosecutors allege that as the plane was taxiing to the gate, she continued to curse at passengers around her.

Once parked at the gate but with the seatbelts still switched on, Huertas jumped up from her seat, ‘pushed passengers out of the way’ and made her way to the front of the plane where the flight attendants were trying to disarm the doors for arrival.

When a flight attendant prevented Huertas from entering the forward galley, she suddenly pulled her pants and underwear down in the aisle and squatted as if she was going to pee.

A criminal affidavit claims Huertas exposed her anus and genitalia and that children were sitting nearby.

She then started screaming and shouting at other passengers before demanding to be let into the forward galley in order to access the restroom. One of the flight attendants blocked her path because, at this point, she feared Huertas would try to open the cabin door and activate the emergency slide.

Huertas then used her body to try to ‘bump’ the flight attendant out of the way, but when this failed, she again turned to the passengers and started shouting, swearing, and even threatening to kill people.

If found guilty, the maximum sentence for interference with crew members is 20 years imprisonment plus a fine of up to £200,000.

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  • At least the good thing about Spirit and Frontier is that their existence tends to keep crazy people like this off of the other airlines.

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