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Extended: Save $56 on this Five Star Rated Crew Approved Travelpro Rollaboard

Extended: Save $56 on this Five Star Rated Crew Approved Travelpro Rollaboard

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Thirty years ago, a pilot invented the original Travelpro rollaboard and ever since the brand and the bag has become a firm favourite of flight crew around the world. There have, of course, been plenty of other Travelpro carry-on cases throughout the years but the Crew Expert range is the one that pilots and flight attendants will opt for.

And luckily, Travelpro brought back a civilian version of the Crew Expert bag only a few months ago. What makes it so different from cheaper bags or trendier competitors? Well, apart from the sheer amount of stuff you can squeeze into these bags is just how robust they are.

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According to the company, each bag is put through more than 15 rigorous tests “that dish out more distress than would ever be encountered under the most extreme travel conditions”.

Okay, the Crew Expert range isn’t cheap but the quality really speaks for itself and if you act fast, you’ll be able to save between $52 and $56 on the range, plus free shipping and easy returns if you buy your bag from eBags (don’t worry, the company is owned by Samsonite so a reputable internet retailer with worldwide shipping options available).

The standard price for the Crew Expert Max Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard, which is set by Travelpro is $279.99 but if you use the special discount code ‘TRAVEL’ you’ll save 20%.

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The same is true for the Crew Expert Global Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard which normally retails for $259.99 but is selling for just $207.99.

Okay, they’re not the prettiest items of luggage on the market, they don’t come in a whole range of pretty colors, and they certainly don’t have the hipster vibe that Away has…. But these are well-made, versatile carry-on’s that will stand the test of time.

Just check out the gushing five-star reviews for the Max Carry-On if you want to see what people really think. Just act fast if you want to save over $50 on rollaboards that are normally price-protected.

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