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Watch: Internet is Left Outraged Over Religious Concert Held On a Plane at 38,000 Feet

Watch: Internet is Left Outraged Over Religious Concert Held On a Plane at 38,000 Feet

A TikTok user has caused controversy by sharing a video of a group of young Christian activists performing an impromptu concert onboard a recent easyJet flight.  The sing-song appears to have taken place without warning and without the prior permission of the airline.

Passengers on the flight appear to look on aghast, with some getting out their mobile phones to record the concert, as they take in what is happening around them.

But flying along at 38,000 feet, there’s nothing anyone can do but accept their fate and listen as one of the group played the guitar in the middle of the aisle as his bandmates scattered themselves around the cabin.

The video was shared by TikTok user Jack Jensz Jr. who seems to be part of a group of activists who spring up unannounced in public settings to sing religious songs or share sermons.  Jack captioned the post: “We are taking this flight over for Jesus”.

In another video, Jack shares a video in which someone shares an uninvited sermon in front of train passengers, while in another a group breaks into song in a restaurant.

Last October, a Delta Air Lines flight attendant threatened to zip tie a passenger who tried to share a diatribe of religious influenced COVID-19 conspiracy theories using her own microphone and portable speaker.  Not all inflight concerts, however, take place without the permission of the airline.

Late last year, Etihad Airways allowed one of its flight attendants to subject passengers to an “awe-inspiring concert” with cabin crew playing the violin, guitar, keyboard, and oud onboard one of its flights.  And in 2016, British Airways roped Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins in for an onboard concert which included a performance by the Bolshoi Ballet.

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