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Lufthansa Becomes the Latest Airline to Introduce an Oat Milk Alternative Onboard its Flights

Lufthansa Becomes the Latest Airline to Introduce an Oat Milk Alternative Onboard its Flights

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German flag carrier Lufthansa has become the latest airline to introduce a non-dairy milk alternative with the addition of oat milk across its flights, the airline said on Friday.

While the market for dairy alternatives has grown quickly in the last few years, access to non-dairy milk onboard most flights is still unheard of, adding an extra cost that few airlines are still unwilling to bear.

Lufthansa has, however, joined the ranks of airlines forking out the additional expense of carrying alt dairy options on its flights, and with good reason.

Germany currently has the highest sales of alt dairy milk in Europe, and a recent study concluded the country still has the greatest market potential for plant-based milks.

Essentially, German passengers have come to expect that they can enjoy their coffee with non-dairy milk, and why should that expectation be any different at 38,000 feet?

Oat milk has proven to be a popular choice for consumers seeking a non-dairy alternative, with many people preferring the taste of oat milk over other options like almond milk and soy milk, which have fallen from grace in the last couple of years.

The creamy consistency of oat milk makes it a particularly good choice in hot drinks like coffee, and it also has more fiber and protein than many other non-dairy options.

Last month, Air Canada became the first Canadian airline to introduce a non-dairy milk across its flights. Air Canada also opted for oat milk in response to passenger feedback.

In an attempt to improve its onboard dining experience, Lufthansa is now allowing Business Class passengers on long-haul flights departing Germany to pre-order their meal from a wider selection of up to six dishes.

The new passenger-friendly enhancement doubles the number of meal choices that are available onboard. By ordering online ahead of their flight, passengers can also guarantee their preferred meal choice will be available.

A spokesperson for Lufthansa also said that they hope the initiative will help the airline reduce the amount of waste because most uneaten food onboard has to be sent for incineration.

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