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United Airlines Flight Attendants Could Make Nearly $9,000 Per Month… If They Work Really Hard

United Airlines Flight Attendants Could Make Nearly $9,000 Per Month… If They Work Really Hard

United Airlines flight attendants take a meal order onboard a plane

How much money is it possible for a flight attendant to make in a month? There are lots of variables that can have a big impact on potential earnings for airline crew but one senior United Airlines flight attendant claims they nearly made $9,000 in a single month… although they admit they ‘nearly died’ from working so many hours.

The revelation was made in a Reddit discussion started by a new-hire United Air flight attendant who wanted to find out the top earnings their peers had been able to make.

UA FA’s, What is the most you’ve ever made in a month?
byu/Cold_Environment_235 inflightattendants

Unlike some airlines, United doesn’t stipulate a maximum number of hours that flight attendants can work in a month, so depending on a crew member’s seniority, their bidding success and how willing they are to pick up additional trips, it’s possible to make a pretty sum.

One veteran flight attendant responded to the Reddit question, replying: “Close to 9,000 (Dollars). I about died doing that to myself. I’ll wait for a contract raise before attempting that again”.

Although that figure was before tax deductions, earning so much in a single month is pretty uncommon, especially for junior crew members who typically spend much of their time on reserve.

Another flight attendant said they had never made more than $4,000 in a single month, although admitted it might be possible to do so if you ‘strain’.

“I’ve never made more than 4k,” the Redditor explained. “It’s totally possible to make more, but significantly more difficult if you don’t hold a line (the ability to have a fixed schedule). I’d say for new hires on reserve 4k is about the most you can make without straining at all.”

For new hires, the Redditor shared this tip: “International has good hours to pick up if you can, but keep in mind other crew may not be happy about it if you’re not experienced with wide bodies. Best to work a few premium transcons first.”

Another flight attendant with five years experience at the airline said they once made close to $7,000 in a month, although that was with 140 hours of flight time… a feat that was tiring.

“Worth the extra cash, the crew members said, “but damn was I exhausted after”.

For a new hire, one flight attendant claimed not working any overtime would normally net just $2,000 per month, while taking on extra tips and working as many as 100 hours per month would only net an additional $600.

“I haven’t found a way to not feel exhausted yet in order to work more,” the crew member conceded.

Flight attendants at the Chicago-based carrier are in the midst of contract negotiations, although the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA) is becoming increasingly frustrated with the pace of the talks.

Late last year, the union said it wanted United to start paying its members an hourly rate for the whole time they spent at work rather than the industry standard, which is from pushback to arrival at the gate.

Delta Air Lines bucked that trend by agreeing to pay its flight attendants a lower hourly rate from the moment they step on the aircraft – known as ‘boarding pay’, but United’s crew union wants to extend this concept still further to include all the time that flight attendants are actually at work.

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  • I have 40 years as a flight attendant with Continental and now United, 9K a month is before taxes, health care insurance , 401k if you can, and then we only are paid when the aircraft is moving. Boarding process is off the clock. To make 9K a month is to become unhealthy, Imagine 90 or 100+ hours in the air with multiple time zones, lack of proper rest due to plus or minus mentioned time zones. It is not easy to maintain ones health. I do make about that but only when I sell my vacation time back to the company to increase my hours. We don’t make much money for the idiocy we have to deal with.

  • Edit: This is yellow journalism. Please do your due diligence especially when talking about wages of those fighting for a liveable wage. This is irresponsible to say the least. Do better.

  • This is really misleading and bad journalism. You obviously have not been doing your due diligence when collecting your research. Be better. We are one of the only industries that does not compensate employees for their time from check in to check out. It’s a real struggle to make a living these days. An article like this is damaging.

  • Its all based on seniority. If you’re below 5 years seniority it doesn’t matter “HOW HARD YOU WORK”. You will never make that being new in this industry without sacrificing your health like a dog. You need years into the company to make anything near that. Misleading post.

  • Total fabrication and exaggeration. We have taken a severe hour/pay cut the last few months. Yet our CEO makes $16,779,500.00 a year! That is $45,971.23 a day! $322,682.69 a week! Plus he commutes to Chicago from Texas! Senior Flight Attendants make around $80,000 a year. We have taken pay cuts plus our aircraft are short staffed on every flight. United cut back staffing during the pandemic, AND still haven’t brought staffing levels. He also treats employees like crap! THAT is the real story.

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