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Emirates is Making a Subtle Change to its Cabin Crew Uniform… Can You Spot the Difference?

Emirates is Making a Subtle Change to its Cabin Crew Uniform… Can You Spot the Difference?

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Emirates is implementing a subtle change to its iconic cabin crew uniform, although the update might be so minuscule that you might not be able to notice what has actually changed.

Although the Dubai-based airline has been dressing its cabin crew in the same uniform for the past 15 years, Emirates currently has no plans to redesign its uniform, although it is making a slight update to the female cabin crew uniform.

As part of what the airline calls the “continued evolution” of the uniform, female cabin crew will now be able to choose from 15 different styles of shoes to match their own comfort and taste.

Along with the fact that you might soon start noticing Emirates cabin crew wearing slightly different designs of shoes, the really observant amongst you may also notice that the colour of the shoe is being given an update.

The very first female cabin crew shoe in 1985 started off as red, but Emirates switched to a brown colour at one point. Now, the carrier has decided to revert to its signature red colourway in the same tone as the pleats in the uniform skirt.

Every year, Emirates cabin crew receive two new pairs of shoes – one pair of medium or high heels and a second pair of ‘flats’, which are to be worn once the aircraft is ready for departure in order to reduce the risk of turbulence-related injuries.

Male cabin crew only get one pair of shoes issued at a time, but they get a new pair every nine months.

Unlike many airlines, Emirates did enlist a celebrity fashion designer to create its uniform but instead came up with the design in-house with the assistance of a UK-based uniform manufacturer.

First unveiled in 2008, Emirates doesn’t seem to have any plans to redesign its uniform and over the years, the design has become truly synonymous with the Emirates brand.

The sand colour of the uniform is said to symbolise the desert dunes of Dubai, while the red pleats echo Emirates’ signature colour. The famous Emirates hat also features a gold pin, which, despite the bling, remains an important part of the Emirates brand.

The veil which hangs from the pillar box hat has seven pleats and, although Emirates is either unwilling or unable to confirm, the airline says that “legend has it, these pleats represent the seven Emirates of the UAE”.

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    2 corrections please

    – mentioned revert back, correction: should be just “revert”

    – First unveiled in 2018, correction: first unveiled in 2008

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