Emirates Cabin Crew Lays Bare Life Working at the Airline: Morale Has Never Been Lower and Here’s Why

Emirates Cabin Crew Lays Bare Life Working at the Airline: Morale Has Never Been Lower and Here's Why
  • you don’t need to know …..

    Then leave ….?

    • Their leaving does not solve the problem for the rest of the staff.

      • you don’t need to know …..

        Sadly it will never fully change/improve , that is how the UAE work…

  • NoName Afraid Crew

    I’m Emirates crew…..can’t wait to quit, conditions are going down, everything is going down. Going to work is a nightmare. Hate it!!! but can’t leave before I take care of few things, few months to go. On board the only topic between the crew is how much we hate Emirates. When we hear that someone quit all you can hear is “congrats”. DON’T FLY EMIRATES

    • Heart

      You kids are totally spoilt at Emirates. Guess what, I’m not telling you to leave but I’m telling you go work somewhere else- eventually you will wake up, and realize to earn money – you will have to work. You guys feel so entitled – makes me laugh.

      • Get out now

        I totally agree. It’s all going down very fast and at the expense of some very good crew. Ek doesn’t deserve the good people it has.

  • Ewww… Emirates cabin crew

    Then stop complaining and leave! What do you expect? Did you really expect spectacular labour law protections under UAE law? I’ve flown with Emirates for years and it USED to be a great airline. It was a great airline in large part because all the stewardesses were hot treated each and every passenger like a welcome guest in the cabin. Dinner service, beverages and all reqests were met with a smile. Now Emirates seem to only recruit unattractive, grumpy women who smile only when the passengers are disembarking! So if Agnieszka has been working there for 10 years, she really has no place in the ideal Emirates cabin. If you don’t like Emirates leave and go work for LOT or British Airways where you can be as grumpy as you want.

    • Ex-Emirates Crew

      Do you fly Emirates as a passenger? Because if you’ve flown Emirates for years as crew, you’d know better! And Alex Alex is right, if the requirements from crew are what you’ve listed in your ridiculous comment, go to a brothel!

    • Not afraid

      Propably crew are not smiling anymore because they overworked tired and demotivated.has that ever crossed your mind.or propably you want slaves to treat you when flying

    • TT

      “So if Agnieszka has been working there for 10 years, she really has no place in the ideal Emirates cabin.“
      what exactly do you mean here?

    • Matt from 1972

      Oh my god, are you the biggest arsehole in the world?? I pity any cabin crew who ever have you on board, you creepy old fark!

  • Tired

    We had 2 cabin crew and 1 pilot that is in the process of resigning on my most recent flight. The culture and management at Emirates has created an environment of mistrust, fear, and deceitfulness. There are many people in management that are trying to change the culture but unfortunately, the senior management prioritized savings as opposed to retention. This place is one accident away from national attention.

  • Jonathan316

    It’s the same story across the UAE especially in government firms/departments. They are are overworking expats and not even appreciating them for it.

  • Someone

    You guys should try coming to Singapore airlines! It’s worst =/

  • Fed up and desperate

    I completely agree with this email. And it only touches on the problems crew face.
    I have been ek crew for over 7 years. It use to be a very nice job but conditions had rapidly deteriorated over the past year.
    In fact I would not recommend anyone to join.
    Within this last year I was forced to move out of single accommodation back to a shared apartment with a shared bathroom. (I was given option to take a live out allowance but it is not enough and I would have to pay close to two months salary out of my own pocket)
    Three weeks after moving back into a shared apartment I received and email stating that I would be forced to move again because my current building was closing in a few months.
    This happen to MANY crew!
    Another crew I know received less than 3 weeks notice that her building was closing, the A/c to her building was cut before everyone was moved out. Mostly likely to save the company money. Everyone in that building was left without A/c for over a week. This was in the months approaching summer. People where sleeping on their balconies because it was too hot inside.
    The accommodation situation is a complete mess. It plays a major part in our lives and ek does not care.

  • Happily resigned crew

    I’m so glad I quit 5 months ago before it went even worse. The reporting system is the worst for me. Some snitchers will report you and make up things in order to show their managers that they work hard and care for the business. Then they get promoted and you get warnings. Now they are short on crew but not recruiting. Crew have to work like crazy and the company and the country made some rules even more strict. Plus the country is not tax free anymore. Many of my ex-colleagues are waiting in line to resign. I’m very glad that I left. Living there for 2 years never made me feel attached to that country.

  • Maria

    I worked for Emirates for 12 years and I left as a purser. When I first joined in 1999 it was a great company to work for . On average we flew 60 hours a month. Upon resigning my flying time got to 120 hours a month average. As the company grew more rules came into place and company like Dubai itself became greedy. Crew was so fatigued going to work I kept breaking the rules to allow crew rest on flights as for me it was a huge safety issue. I got Breast cancer whilst working for this company, the treatment I received from management was appalling.Radiation exposure reports were hidden from me ( after flying for 12 years). I spent a year fighting with Emirates medical benefits as they refuse to pay what was involved in my treatment plan. Breast reconstruction was deemed as Cosmetic so they wouldn’t have to pay for it. My colleague ( also senior in the airline ) had a massive stroke which required urgent surgery in Rashid Hospital , his hospital bill was huge , Emirates medical benefits refused to pay his bill because they suspected his condition was congenital. Think twice before you join .. take care of yourself.

    • PYOK Admin

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. We are hearing so many similar accounts and it really is heartbreaking.

  • Kasia

    Typical ‘Polish’ mentality… just complain always on everything 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Those people never gonna be happy, doesn’t matter when and where are they. Most of them don’t have previous experience in their career so they don’t know how ‘lovely’ they can be threat in other companies.. Well go back to Poland Agnieszka to a ‘land of happiness’ and for the future, stop spreading informations that are not confirmed and u simply made it up,
    cause u not gonna built ur career like this 😏
    Good luck anyway

    • Boss

      It’s written the name is made up, it’s not actual name and nowhere it’s written the person who gives the interview is Polish.

  • Airboy

    I was there for nearly 7 years. The last 2 years were hell, too many Junior crew fast tracking to senior positions and having a power trip. Resigned last year, couldn’t take it anymore. I have good memories, and I’m not bitter, but I do feel I wasted too many years there, should be just done 2 or 3 years. I feel all that time was in vain, it froze my career and despite everyone thinking we were working for a great airline, in reality, we are serving microwave meals like waiters. So I’m starting from the bottom again, as those years do t really count for anything… This airline will succumb soon, it’s a matter of time. Dubai came from dust and to dust it will return…

  • NONEone21

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