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Tragic Death of Much-Loved Hong Kong Airlines Flight Attendant Has a Bitter Sweet Ending

Tragic Death of Much-Loved Hong Kong Airlines Flight Attendant Has a Bitter Sweet Ending

On June 8th, a popular and much-loved member of cabin crew for Hong Kong Airlines was involved in a tragic accident while on a layover in what should have the idyllic waters of the Maldives.

Calvin Yin, a 27-year old flight attendant for the airline had taken a day trip with friends to the luxury, Club Med Kani Island resort and was later found unconscious in one of the resorts swimming pools.  It’s not clear how Yin lost consciousness but he was immediately treated by an on-site medical team and transferred to a local hospital.

In an internal memo sent to staff, Hong Kong Airlines said it dispatched a special team to liaise with local authorities and that the airline has paid for all medical expenses.  Calvin, who had been in a coma since the accident, was repatriated back to Hong Kong on Thursday in a special medical transport plane.

Hundreds of Calvin’s family, friends and colleagues visited him in the Princess Margaret Hospital after doctors offered a somber prognosis for the young flight attendant.  Sadly, Calvin died late on Friday evening.

But with Calvin’s tragic passing, his family gave consent for his organs to be donated to those in need.  The Apple Daily newspaper reports that four patients will be given a new opportunity for life as Calvin’s heart, liver and both kidney’s have already been transplanted.

According to reports, Calvin’s work as a flight attendant provided the main income for his family.  The Apple Daily has already donated money to his family and a fundraiser has been set up in his name.

“This is an unfortunate incident but we have and will continue to handle it in a responsible and compassionate way,” the airline said in a statement before Calvin’s death.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with Calvin and his family.”

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