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Singapore Airlines Doubles Down On “Wellness” with COMO Shambhala Collaboration

Singapore Airlines Doubles Down On “Wellness” with COMO Shambhala Collaboration

Singapore Airlines Doubles Down On "Wellness" with COMO Shambhala Collaboration

“Wellness” is a hot topic in the airlines business at the moment and Singapore Airlines is now doubling down on the concept with a new collaboration with leading wellness brand COMO Shambhala.  The wellness trend is becoming serious business for a number of airlines who are pushing ultra-long-hauls flights as the future of air travel – Qantas and Singapore Airlines have been at the forefront of the movement but we’re now seeing more carriers like Qatar Airways starting to talk up the trend as well.

COMO Shambhala will help Singapore Airlines create a range of in-flight meals and beverages which will be launched on select flights from September 19th.  According to Singapore’s press release, the new menu will feature “seasonal and sustainable ingredients each with their own nutrition profile,” – they also claim “this style of cooking aims to inspire the palate with memorable and delicious flavours, marrying healthy eating with pleasurable gastronomy.”

The new wellness menu will be available in all cabin classes and will also be progressively rolled out SIA’s Book the Cook service.

The Singapore-based COMO Shambhala describe themselves as “advocates of proactive holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing.”

“COMO Shambhala is a healthy living philosophy inspired by the mythological roots of ‘Shambhala’, which in ancient Buddhist texts denotes the sacred place of bliss. We believe everyone can find such tranquillity within themselves by exploring body, mind and spirit. We also ask ourselves what the synergy between these different modes really means.”

The group has a number of luxury hotels and spas around the world, as well as its own range of body and skincare range.  Singapore Airlines says the collaboration may extend to onboard amenities, as well as in-flight entertainment content relating to wellness, in the future.

Working with Canyon Ranch, the airline developed its first wellness menu last year to coincide with the launch of the world’s longest flight from Singapore to New York JFK.   The collaboration with Canyon Ranch continues and the nutritionally balanced meals feature on a number of Singapore Airlines ultra-long-haul services to the United States.

The airline tells us that the partnership with Canyon Ranch has been very well received and will continue – in fact, it’s been so successful that Singapore Airlines was spurred on to bring on COMO Shambhala to extend its wellness offering.  As it stands, the routes and classes the co-created wellness dishes will be featured on will be established between the two companies after a MoU is signed.