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Nearly One in Five of People Who Have Had Sex On a Plane Did So With the Cabin Crew or Pilots

Nearly One in Five of People Who Have Had Sex On a Plane Did So With the Cabin Crew or Pilots

Some Emirates cabin crew working in Business and First Class will soon find out if they have been downgraded a cabin. Selected cabin crew will have to work in the loweer cabin for a month at a time. Photo Credit: Emirates

According to a survey of 11,179 people carried out by an online dating website, one in five of those questioned said they have had sex on a plane with a member of cabin crew or even one of the pilots. That being said, only 5 per cent had actually managed to join the mile-high club, although a whopping 78 per cent have added the act to their bucket list.

Unsurprisingly, three-fifths of people chose the lavatory but 31 per cent said they went about the act in their seats, and 9 per cent said it occurred in the galley. Around 1 per cent claimed to have performed the sex in the flight deck.

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In such a public and high-risk setting as a passenger plane, it’s unsurprising no one took too long. On average, sex lasted for just 10 minutes – although, around 10 per cent of those daring enough said they stretched out their session for at least 20 minutes.

And while some people certainly don’t care, joining the mile-high club isn’t without its risks. Around 14 per cent of people who had sex with cabin crew ended up getting caught in the act.

According to the dating site, nearly two-thirds were complete strangers before they got frisky onboard, while 37 per cent were couples – the highest group of any who admitted to getting up to sexual shenanigans on a plane.

As to what type of plane is most suitable, it was a pretty even split with widebody long-haul aircraft proving ever so slightly more popular than cramped single-aisle planes. The spacious Boeing 747, however, was the plane of choice for many people who responded to the survey.