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First Lady Jill Biden Dresses Up as Flight Attendant in April Fools’ Prank

First Lady Jill Biden Dresses Up as Flight Attendant in April Fools’ Prank

Wearing a short black wig and a name badge that read ‘Jasmine’ the First Lady of the United States managed to disguise herself as a flight attendant while serving reporters ice cream on an Air Force Two flight back to Washington DC from California.

According to AFP, Jill Biden passed through the cabins dressed as a flight attendant passing out ice cream bars to reporters, staffers and even Secret Service agents. Her deception was aided by a black face mask that hid most of her face.

Five minutes later, Biden reportedly remerged in the press section of the plane, wig removed, to declare “April Fool’s” on the reporters who had been none the wiser who had actually been serving them.

Biden had been in California to meet farmworkers, as well as to visit a vaccination center. The visit is just the latest signal that the Biden administration intends to give more rights and even a path to citzenship for migrant agricultural workers.

In 2019, former First Lady Melania Trump was ridiculed for dressing like a flight attendant during a visit to the United Kingdom. Wearing a $900 Burberry blouse and necktie underneath a dark blue suit, observers couldn’t help but compare the First Lady’s outfit to those worn by cabin crew.

A pool report covering Jill Biden’s prank admitted that reporters onboard Air Force Two had been “totally fooled” but took “comfort in the fact that none of FLOTUS’ staff recognized Dr Biden in disguise either.”

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