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Netflix Reality Star Fined Nearly £3,000 for Abusing British Airways Cabin Crew

Netflix Reality Star Fined Nearly £3,000 for Abusing British Airways Cabin Crew

A Netflix reality show contestants who is also the son of Britain’s former Attorney General has been fined a total of £2,835 (US $3,916) for abusing cabin crew on a British Airways flight from Miami to London Heathrow who feared his friends were about to perform a sex act in front of other passengers.

Matthew Mawhinney, 29, who lives in the plush London suburb of Mayfair, pleaded guilty at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Friday to a charge of “being a person on board an aircraft failing to obey the lawful commands of a pilot.”

Mawhinney, whose mother is Baroness Scotland of Asthal – the current secretary general of the Commonwealth, also admitted to “using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour” towards the cabin crew during the near nine-hour flight to London on February 7.

He was returning to London after wrapping up filming on the Netflix reality show ‘Too Hot to Handle’ which took place in the luxury of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Mawhinney and several fellow contestants were seen downing Margaritas at Miami International Airport as they waited for their connection to Heathrow.

Harry Johnson, 28, and Beaux Greenslade, 23, also pleaded guilty to the same charges alongside Mawhinney on Friday.

Trouble started after the trio were repeatedly asked to put on their face masks and then had alcohol cut off by order of the Captain. The trio was served with a written warning signed by the Captain but this was allegedly screwed up as abuse was hurled at cabin crew members Heather Wenn and Sophie Griffiths.

“Go and f**king look up who my Mum is – Baroness Scotland,” Mawhinney allegedly shouted at the crew when he was informed that they would not be served any more alcohol. “I’m a gold card holder – go and get me a drink,” he reportedly shouted.

While the seat belts signs were on, Mawhinney ignored crew members instructions to remain seated and started doing press-ups in the aisle.

Greenslade allegedly threatened the crew by saying she would make them lose their jobs and told another passenger a “f**king c**t”. She was later heard to shout: “Fuck these people and fuck the captain.”

Johnson, meanwhile, allegedly called one of the crew members a “bitch”.

In a letter to the court, Mawhinney said the incident was the “most shameful and embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me”.

Sentencing the trio, the judge said they had “acted with a profound sense of entitlement” but accepted that going through quarantine to take part in the show may have “had some psychological impact”.

As part of their fines, Mawhinney, Greenslade and Johnson were each ordered to pay the two cabin crew members £500 each.

Netflix describes ‘Too Hot to Handle’ as “the world’s hottest no dating dating show” where “no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind” are allowed.

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  • This is typical of these so-called elite upper class snobs. Equal guilt also belongs on the “Baroness of Scotland” for birthing and training this POS. Solution: First off garrote both, the Baroness and then tend to the whiney pompous offspring with the same thing.

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