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Woman Attacks Flight Attendants On American Airlines Flight to New York Because They Didn’t Pick Up Her Trash

Woman Attacks Flight Attendants On American Airlines Flight to New York Because They Didn’t Pick Up Her Trash

A passenger onboard an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York JFK had to be restrained and was arrested on arrival on Sunday after allegedly attacking and assaulting a flight attendant because the crew member didn’t collect the perpetrator’s trash.

Chenasia Campbell, 28, of Brooklyn stands accused of lashing out at the flight attendant and striking her several times before knocking her to the ground according to court documents filed in the Eastern District of New York.

The flight attendant suffered bruises, scrapes and a minor neck injury and was seen by first responders after landing in New York. The injured crew member didn’t, however, need to be transported to the hospital.

Campbell is alleged to have followed the flight attendant down the aisle midway through the flight from Miami arguing with the crew member because she had failed to collect her trash. She continued to berate the flight attendant in the galley at the back of the plane where another flight attendant attempted to intervene.

Prosecutors claim Campbell lashed out at the second flight attendant who had tried to physically seperate the two women by pulling her hair and punching her in the face. Campbell briefly walked away but returned to shout obscenities and threats at the flight attendants.

One flight attendant was so concerned that they reportedly demanded the pilot’s land the plane immediately, although that request wasn’t possible and the flight continued to JFK.

Campbell allegedly punched one of the flight attendants again and shouted: “Cops aren’t going to do anything to me.” During this time, she apparently tried to pull up or remove one of the flight attendants dresses.

An off-duty NYPD cop was, however, on the flight and helped the flight attendants place Campbell in restraints where she remained for the rest of the flight. On arrival at JFK, the plane was met by Port Authority police and Campbell was taken into custody.

Campbell faces federal charges of interference with flight crew members which, if found guilty, has a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

During her initial hearing via video link, Campbell’s attorney told the court that she was currently participating in a state-run mental health program. American Airlines declined to comment on the incident.

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