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Westjet Encore Hammers Out “Unique” Agreement with Cabin Crew to “Address Key Concerns”

Westjet Encore Hammers Out “Unique” Agreement with Cabin Crew to “Address Key Concerns”

Westjet Encore Hammers Out "Unique" Agreement with Cabin Crew to "Address Key Concerns"

Cabin crew at Canadian airline, Westjet Encore have reached what the airline is calling a “unique” agreement that was designed to “address key concerns and feedback” from a flight attendant union.  Workers approved the proposal last month, although the airline has only just released details of the deal.

Encore is the regional arm of the low-cost Westjet airline and was founded in 2013.  The airline operates around 34 Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft and has hubs in both Calgary and Toronto.  In recent years, Encore has also built a presence in Edmonton, Vancouver and Halifax.

Late last year, the WestJet Cabin Crew Association (WCCA) first hinted that a deal had been reached when it said of “some amazing changes coming our way” in a post on its Facebook page.  The union also took the time to thank its members “for their patience, trust and support.”

The agreement covers a whole host of issues including work rules, compensation, including guaranteed minimum hours, and career progression – although details weren’t forthcoming from either Westjet or the WCCA.

As an ‘evergreen agreement,’ the contract will automatically renew year-by-year.

“We are pleased to reach an agreement that is simple, fair and provides opportunity for ongoing feedback and adjustments,” commented Charles Duncan, Encore’s President.

“We wanted to create something with flexibility built in, so we could address concerns brought forward by our team in a timely matter.”

Thanking the work of the WCAA, Duncan said the agreement “highlights the benefits of leaders and WestJetters working directly together.”

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