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Rappers Brawl Onboard Emirates A380 at Dubai International Airport

Rappers Brawl Onboard Emirates A380 at Dubai International Airport

Two British rappers have been caught on video brawling onboard an Emirates A380 while it waited to depart Dubai International Airport (DXB) bound for London Heathrow (LHR). During the short video clip which was filmed by another passenger, one of the rappers lashes out striking his opponent in the face.

Warning: NSFW

As one member of cabin crew tries to hold back one of the men, another passenger has to stand between the two to avoid a fight breaking out. Other cabin crew rush to see what’s happening, ordering passengers to take their seats as they try to restore some order.

The two rival rappers are believed to be Tion Wayne and Headie One who allegedly had a falling out in the days before the incident during separate stays in Dubai.

Sources claim police were called to deal with the incident and both men were removed from the plane. Tion Wayne, however, has since denied reports that anyone was arrested following the pre-flight fracas, although he apparently remains in Dubai.

The Dubai Police and Emirates have been contacted for comment.

In the last few days, Emirates was named the Best Airline for 2020 at The Sun Travel Awards, and the Best Long-Haul Airline at The Times and The Sunday Times Travel Awards.

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