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Man Cooks Steak On Top of a Airplane Lavatory in Gross and Dangerous Stunt

Man Cooks Steak On Top of a Airplane Lavatory in Gross and Dangerous Stunt

Airlines have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure their planes are clean and germ-free as they fight to convince passengers that flying remains safe amidst the pandemic. But are planes now so clean that you could eat (or even cook) your dinner off a lavatory seat?

It’s certainly not a question we’d necessarily like an answer to but one comedian of TikTok fame decided to try just that by attempting to cook a raw steak balanced on top of an airplane lavatory.

But be warned, this video might make you feel a little queasy as Marcus Monroe attempts to cook the piece of steak as an answer the the apparent problem caused by many airlines discontinuing hot meal services because of the Corona crisis.

Monroe, however, has now deleted the video from TikTok and has publicly said the whole thing was made up and simply a prank. No doubt, Monroe has had second thoughts about the video over what looks like a serious violation of FAA fire safety regulations that could land him in hot water if proven.

The incident appears to have taken place on a Delta flight and the airline has been contacted for comment.

And that’s not the only stunt that Monroe got involved with on a Delta flight. He recently released a TikTok video of him apparently cutting a woman’s hair without her permission or knowledge because it was coming over the seat back and blocking his screen.

The video has proved a success, however, and has already racked up 1.8 million likes since it was posted last week. We wouldn’t advise doing any of these pranks yourself.

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