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American Airlines to Push Ahead With Employee Recalls Despite Trump Threat to Veto Stimulus Bill

American Airlines to Push Ahead With Employee Recalls Despite Trump Threat to Veto Stimulus Bill

American Airlines says it will push ahead with plans to recall thousands of furloughed employees despite a threat by President Trump to veto a $900 billion Coronavirus stimulus bill that will give the airline the money to pay workers. Describing the development as “unexpected” a spokesperson confirmed furloughed employees will still receive eagerly anticipated paychecks on December 24.

Late on Sunday night, Congress approved a second multi-billion-dollar relief package that includes a $15 billion bailout for U.S. airlines. The bailout is designed specifically to keep employees in a paid job even if travel demand doesn’t necessarily require them to be at work at the moment.

American Airlines confirmed almost immediately that it would take its share of the bailout and recall some 19,000 workers that were furloughed at the end of September. On Monday, chief executive Doug Parker said he was “grateful that our elected officials heard us and passed a bill that includes an extension of the Payroll Support Program”.

But just 24 hours later, President Trump threw a spanner in the works as he threatened to veto the stimulus bill. Trump was irked with a provision in the bill for $600 stimulus cheques for every American, saying the amount should be at least $2,000. The President suggested this could be funded by cutting unnecessary spending from the bill.

“While this is an unexpected development, we are moving forward with recall plans and furloughed team members will receive funds in their accounts on Christmas Eve as planned,” a spokesperson diplomatically commented on Wednesday.

In addition to the 19,000 employees that American Airlines intends to recall from furlough, United is expected to bring 13,000 laid off workers back. Southwest will also shelve controversial furlough plans and end demands for concessions from its unionized employees.

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  • This is just political theater from an angry president who is about to go. There are enough votes to override any veto. The bill was passed 92-6 by the Senate and the House vote was also overwhelmingly pass.

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