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It’s Not Just Delta Air Lines Offering Quarantine-Free Flights to Italy for American Tourists

It’s Not Just Delta Air Lines Offering Quarantine-Free Flights to Italy for American Tourists

Italy has just reopened to American tourists who can now visit the country without the need to quarantine on arrival so long as they fly on special ‘COVID-tested’ flights to Rome, Milan, Venice or Naples. The new relaxed travel rules apply to all American’s, regardless of vaccination status.

Oh, and American Airlines wants you to know that it’s not just Delta that operates these quarantine-free flights.

There was initial confusion after Italy changed the rules for COVID-tested flights late last week with some people thinking that Delta Air Lines was the only carrier currently allowed to operate quarantine flights to Italy.

The confusion arose because Delta tested the concept of COVID-tested flights on its Italian routes in February, allowing passengers who actually had permission to fly to Italy to skip quarantine so long as they took three COVID-19 tests – one PCR test within 72 hours of travel, a rapid antigen airport just before departure, and a third test on arrival.

Delta was the only airline to offer rapid antigen tests just before departure but Italy actually changed the rules back in April – meaning that American Airlines has been operating quaratine-free Italy flights for over a month.

Under the new rules, passengers heading to Italy who want to skip quarantine only need to take two tests – one swab-based test (either RT PCR or antigen) within 48-hours of departure and a second rapid antigen test on arrival in Italy. So long as both tests are negative, you can start enjoying your time in Italy straight away.

(Passengers travelling on Delta’s COVID-tested flights still need to have a rapid antigen tests just before boarding).

Approved airports from the United States are currently limited to: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York JFK, Newark, Philadephia and Washington DC.

The concept will also be extended to all arrivals on direct flights from Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Airlines must seek prior authorization for a flight to be designated as ‘COVID-tested’ and everyone onboard must be taking part in the scheme.

“With the recent change in Italy’s travel restrictions, any customers, whether traveling for leisure or essential business, are eligible to fly on American’s flights from New York to Italy starting May 16,” a spokesperson for American Airlines explained on Sunday.

Delta welcomed the relaxation in border restrictions, saying: “It is encouraging that the Italian government has taken this step forward to reopen the country to leisure travelers from the U.S. on our dedicated protocol flights and further supporting economic recovery from the global pandemic.”

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