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Flight Attendant Drags Woman Off Plane After She Goes On Homophobic Tirade

Flight Attendant Drags Woman Off Plane After She Goes On Homophobic Tirade

A flight attendant took hold of a female passenger’s arm and dragged her off a plane after she went on a homophobic rant during which she accused LGBTQI+ people of having “corrupted Disney”.

The incident took place on an American Airlines flight that was waiting to depart Dallas Fort Worth but was forced to return to the gate so that the woman and her traveling party could be removed from the plane for refusing to comply with the federal face mask mandate.

Video of the woman’s tirade was posted to YouTube on Sunday but the actual incident took place on June 12 according to an American Airlines spokesperson. The woman was denied future travel

The person who posted the video on YouTube said the woman was ejected from the Orlando-bound flight after she refused to wear a face mask properly. In the video she is seen wearing a blue face mask under her chin with her mouth and nosed exposed.

The woman was already in the process of being removed from the plane when she decided she hadn’t finished with some of her seatmates and started shouting homophobic slurs at her fellow passengers.

The woman is heard shouting “f***ing faggots” and “you corrupted Disney” while passengers around her tell her to get off the plane.

“You think I talk to my kids about same-sex marriage?” the woman shouts at one man.

“No, we don’t talk about that. But if y’all wanna talk about it, let’s talk about it. About how lesbians…?” she continues.

Her comments draw a rebuke from one passenger who shouts back: “I’m in a lesbian marriage and I fought for this country. Please get off this plane.”

Eventually, a person who appears to be a flight attendant tires of the woman’s antics and takes her by the arm and drags her off the plane. The aircraft was met by law enforcement at the gate and the woman was escorted away.

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for American Airlines said:

“We expect our customers to comply with our policies when they choose to travel with us, and we take action when that is not the case. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and we thank our team members for their professionalism.”

Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash. Video Credit: Reddit

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