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Emirates’ Latest April Fools Joke Could Actually Be A Really Great Idea

Emirates’ Latest April Fools Joke Could Actually Be A Really Great Idea

Be careful what you believe today because, of course, it’s April Fools Day and more and more otherwise serious airlines are getting into the spirit of high jinks.  The Dubai-based Emirates has wowed with its April Fools activities in recent years from flying taxis to Airbus A380s kitted out with full-sized swimming pools.

What makes a good April Fool’s joke is when you might actually believe it’s a reality.  After all, flying taxis have been talked about for years, while Emirates put a bar and shower on its A380s, so why not a swimming pool?

Its latest April Fool joke is also based on an idea that could, at a real stretch, actually become a reality.  In this case, Emirates is planning on going head to head with delivery service Uber Eats with its own similarly branded Emireats.

There’s one big difference between Uber Eats and Emireats though… whereas Uber delivers locally sourced takeout food, Emireats promises to deliver international cuisine direct from its home country.

Other airlines with their own April fools jokes include Finnair which claims Santa Claus will soon be starting work as an airline pilot.  According to the Helsinki-based airline, becoming a pilot has been a secret ambition of Santa for years.  Finnair has been the official airline of Santa Claus since 1983.

The crisis in Ukraine, however, has seen many companies take a break from sharing their own April fools jokes this year.  The comic relief from the likes of Emirates and Finnair is very much appreciated.

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