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Delta Air Lines Gears Up for Delivery of its New A350 – Shows Off New Paint Job

Delta Air Lines Gears Up for Delivery of its New A350 – Shows Off New Paint Job

Delta Air Lines Gears Up for Delivery of its New A350 - Shows Off New Paint Job

With only a few weeks to go before Delta Air Lines takes delivery of its brand new Airbus A350-900 aircraft, the first jet sporting Delta colours left the paint workshop Tuesday.  The European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, has released a picture of the aircraft, named ‘Ship 3501’, on the tarmac at its headquarters in Toulouse, France.

Before Delta gets its hands on the aircraft, it will undergo further flight testing by Airbus engineers – if all goes well, delivery is slated for July.  Delta hopes to have the first of its A350’s flying by the fall although the final route network has yet to be announced.

However, while Delta is remaining coy, it has gone so far as to say they plan to use them on ‘trans-Pacific routes’.  It’s believed that could include China’s capital, Beijing, as well as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul.  Sydney has also been touted as a possible destination.

The fuselage of the revolutionary aircraft is made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic and it’s wings, with a span of 64.75 metres, feature ‘winglets’ that are more efficient and quieter than comparable aircraft wings.  Inside, passengers will benefit from a quieter environment, better air filtration and the ‘Airspace‘ concept that features higher cabin ceilings, larger luggage bins and advanced LED lighting.

The A350 has been certified with a maximum capacity of 440 passengers but Airbus anticipates most airlines to configure the jet with 325 seats.  Delta, however, is going lower still with room for just 306 passengers – 226 seats in Economy Class (known as Main Cabin), 48 in the new premium economy cabin and 32 Delta One business class suites.

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Delta plans to unveil its all new Delta One suite on the A350 which features all aisle access and sliding doors at every seat.  The Atlanta-based carrier had hoped to be the first airline to bring the sliding door concept to a Business Class seat but it now looks like Qatar Airways of Doha will beat them to it with their competing QSuite product.

Each Delta A350 aircraft will feature 32 Delta One Suites
Each Delta A350 aircraft will feature 32 Delta One Suites.  Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

“Added comfort and privacy are important to business travellers, and that drove the design of the all-new Delta One suite,” commented Tim Mapes, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

“After setting the standard with the introduction of full flat-bed seats with direct aisle access in 2008, Delta is again elevating the international business class experience.”

Following the launch of the Delta One suite on its A350 aircraft, the carrier plans to progressively roll out the product on it’s Boeing 777 fleet.  The A350 will also be Delta’s first foray into a proper Premium Economy product.  Dubbed ‘Delta Premium Select’, the A350 will have 48 seats in a new cabin that sits between economy and business.

The new Delta Premium Select cabin will debut on the Airbus A350 aicraft
The new Delta Premium Select cabin will debut on the Airbus A350 aircraft.  Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Passengers will enjoy a seat pitch of 38 inches and each seat will be 19 inches wide.  The new seats also feature adjustable headrests and footrests – long removed from standard economy cabins.  The soft product includes a Westin Heavenly in-flight blanket and pillow, as well as a TUMI branded amenity kit.  Delta plans to offer upgraded meal services and a pre-departure drink.

Just like the Delta One Suites, the Premium Select cabin will roll out on Delta’s 777 fleet starting in 2018.

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In May, Delta announced they would be deferring delivery of 10 of the A350 aircraft on order with Airbus.  The carrier has ordered a total of 25 A350 but now plans to push the delivery schedule from 2019/2020 to 2022/2023.

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  • A320 winglets are called “sharklets”. They are completely different in shape than the winglets on the A350. Using the same name for both styles of winglet is not logical and is confusing. Besides, the winglets on the A350 look nothing like the fins of a shark.

  • Best looking Airbus by far! Nice to see Delta finally replacing the old 747-400s on the Trans-Pac routes. The old girl, while still the most beautiful and graceful passenger aircraft in the sky, is showing her age. (Especially on the MSP/DTWNRT routes.) Since I pay my own way, I have to fly economy class. I stopped flying Delta to Asia years ago in favor of the Korean Air and the EVA Air B777/A380 equipment. Cramped, uncomfortable, and worn seats, dry and stale air, 1980’s style entertainment, and a salty cabin crew pushed me to the Asian airlines. The new twins are simply more comfortable and competitive aircraft. Good Luck Delta! The new aircraft should put you on even terms with the Asians, now if you could just do something about the salty cabin crew.

    • As a Cabin Crew website, we would love to think that every Flight Attendant goes above and beyond to exceed expectations – unfortunately, we know that’s wishful thinking but I really hope both the aircraft and the Delta team impress you when you next have an opportunity to fly with them!

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