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Emirates Is Launching A Brand New And Exciting Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

Emirates Is Launching A Brand New And Exciting Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

Emirates Is Launching A Brand New And Exciting Cabin Crew Recruitment

This has got to be the most exciting news about a change to Emirates’ recruitment process for new cabin crew that we’ve ever heard.  For years, trying to successfully get through the Dubai-based airline’s hiring process has been almost impossible but for the select few lucky candidates.  That, however, might all be about to change.

Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s new film, ‘Ready Player One’, recruiters at the mega-airline have decided to change the recruitment process yet again – and this time, candidates will have to solve cryptic clues in cyberspace to stand any chance of getting the elusive ‘Golden Call’.

Emirates is desperate for new hires to join their multi-cultural team of cabin crew but we’ve learned the latest recruitment method they introduced – which involved a pre-recorded video interview – has been plagued with technical problems.  As a result, recruiters have hastily announced the return of Open Day’s but again they come with lots of problems as well.

Instead, taking inspiration from the fictional ‘Oasis’ computer game in RPO, the recruiters have laid a series of so-called Easter Eggs within the Emirates website.  Aside from being chocolate treat’s, Easter Egg’s are also intentional clues within what would otherwise be a normal piece of work – like a painting, book or say a video game.

In this case, the Easter Egg’s have been hidden throughout Emirates’ website and social media accounts – the only problem is, we have no idea where they might be lurking.  The game has already spawned a community of ‘Emirunters’ who are scouring every possible resource in the hope of discovering a clue.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just finding a clue – you’ve then got to solve a challenge in order to earn a valuable key.  Earn three keys and Emirates has promised you’ll be guaranteed a place as cabin crew at the airline.

And that’s not all.  Emirates really does seem to have taken the ‘Ready Player One’ theme to the extreme.  Our sources at the airline have said that Sir Tim Clark – the airline’s long-time President and basically the businesses mastermind has said he’ll hand over control of the airline to whoever wins all three keys first.

We have to caution that this is only a rumour but we know that Sir Clark has been talking about retirement for quite some time.  This could be a really clever way to introduce some new energy into the airline and generate a great social media buzz.

We’ve already seen a lot of talk on internet message boards about possible clues.  Candidates with a really in-depth knowledge of Emirates are likely to do best in this game – and we would definitely recommend swatting up on your 1980’s early day’s knowledge of Emirates.

You’ll still be expected to submit photographs but for a limited time, you’ll be allowed to use a photo of your favourite avatar.

If you’re still struggling though, there might be another way to find the hidden clues.  Emirates recently launched immersive virtual reality glasses in its Business and First Class lounges at Dubai International Airport.

The airline said it was to give passengers the opportunity to watch films but we think it’s a secret method to enter Emirates’ very own Oasis.  What do you think about this clever new recruitment method?

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