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Taiwan’s EVA Air Launches Clothing Line With Built-in Face Shield

Taiwan’s EVA Air Launches Clothing Line With Built-in Face Shield

Taiwan is one of the few countries that has successfully controlled the spread of the novel Coronavirus and according to data from John Hopkins University has only recorded 716 infections and seven deaths – and even then, most of the recorded cases were imported from overseas. Nonetheless, the Corona crisis is still big news in Taiwan and people are always on the lookout for ways to keep themselves safe.

Luckily, Taiwanese airline EVA Air has come up with its own solution and will start selling a branded protective jacket which is said to offer fabric made out with a microbial infection barrier and a built-in detachable face shield to protect against droplets.

Shipping from December 25, 2020, the protective aviation jacket is a snip at just NT$1,230 (US$44). The jacket also comes emblazoned with ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ written in large writing down one sleeve – just in case anyone needs any reminding about this year’s most overused phrase.

Available only in white, the jacket is reminiscent of the disposable full-body hazmat suits that passengers took to wearing in March when COVID-19 spiralled out of control and epidemics in a growing list of countries suddenly became a global pandemic.

EVA Air’s clothing line certainly isn’t as luxe as the designer athleisure wear that Qantas has started to flog as it diversifies from its core business of flying people around the world. Nor is it as fun as the repurposed life jackets that Thai Airways and Air Asia have made into bags.

It’s probably also important to point out that the jacket shouldn’t be considered as personal protective equipment and doesn’t replace the need to wear an approved face mask and other PPE depending on local rules and regulations.

The protective jacket is available on EVA Air’s Sky Mall website here.

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