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Spanish Airline Iberia Asks Social Media Followers to Choose Newest Post-Pandemic Destination

Spanish Airline Iberia Asks Social Media Followers to Choose Newest Post-Pandemic Destination

Spanish airline Iberia will let social media followers choose the final destination in its 2021 summer schedule in a highly unusual route planning move from the Madrid-based carrier. The public will be able to choose one of seven destinations from a pre-approved list in the first of its kind poll.

Designed to also boost Iberia’s follower counts on social media, anyone who follows the airline on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook will be able to pick which destination they would like Iberia to start flying to.

The destinations include: Ljubljana in Slovenia , Bastia in France, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Zante in Greece, Fez in Morocco or Azores in Portugal.

Anyone who takes part in the poll will also be entered into a draw for a pair of roundtrip tickets to the chosen destination. There will be three separate draws for the three social media platforms that Iberia is hoping to get more followers on.

Iberia has already confirmed plans to serve 112 destinations this summer, including the addition of a brand new route to the Maldives from Madrid. The summer schedule will see a big increase in the numbers of destinations and services offered by the airline with hopes that many travel restrictions are lifted within the next few months.

“This summer we are betting very strongly on the recovery. It is very important to try to save this season because, if not, we will have lost two years and as a country, we cannot afford it,” commented Iberia’s president and chief executive, Javier Sánchez-Prieto.

“The entire tourism sector is hopeful that the vaccination campaigns will serve to lift the restrictions and it is essential that valid formulas are undertaken for Europe, America and any country in the world,” he continued.

Iberia is particularly hopeful that a reciprocal travel ban between Europe and the United States will be lifted in time for the summer season.

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