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Emirates Unveils Brash New A380 Paint Scheme That Will Sure Turn Heads

Emirates Unveils Brash New A380 Paint Scheme That Will Sure Turn Heads

Emirates has unveiled the boldest and brashest paint scheme to have ever graced the fuselage of an Airbus A380 as it seeks to promote the Dubai Expo 2020 ahead of its official opening in just a few days.

The bright blue livery adorned with splashes of vivid green, orange, pink, purple and red will no doubt turn heads. The colours merge together to form the ring-shaped logo of the expo in a way that has never been seen before.

All of Emirates’ usual branding has been stripped from the aircraft and the only thing to remind observers of the fact that this is still an Emirates plane is a picture of a stunt woman dressed in an Emirates cabin crew uniform.

The complete transformation was the biggest special livery Emirates has ever embarked upon and took a total of 4,379 man-hours over 16-days to complete. A team of painters had to completely strip the A380 of its usual paint scheme before meticulously applying the new eye-catching paintwork and decals.

The aircraft will be flying to destination across the Emirates route network but plane spotters in Los Angeles will be amongst the first to see the plane in the wild when it visits the city on September 29.

Back in 2017, Emirates started gearing up for the Dubai World Expo 2020 by painting 40 aircraft in its fleet with special liveries to celebrate the event.

The Dubai Expo 2020 will be the first such event to be held in the Middle East – the concept dates back to 1851 when the first World Expo was held in the iconic Crystal Palace in London. The original event brought countries together to celebrate the many inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

Of course, the event had to be delayed by a year due to the pandemic but the organisers decided to keep the original name.

The bright blue Expo plane will be one of 27 Airbus A380’s that Emirates will have returned to service by the end of November. At present, the airline is only flying 16 A380’s but demand is quickly picking up as pandemic travel restrictions are rolled back.

Prior to the pandemic, Emirates was installing three aircraft decals every single week at the airline’s dedicated Aircraft Appearance Centre in Dubai.  Around 14 team members work on installing the decals (described as being similar to temporary tattoos) in the 250 square metre facility.

A smaller decal (like the Expo 2020 logo you’ll see on either side of the nose of every Emirates aircraft) can take just two hours to install.  A larger decal can take as long as 24-hours to print and install.

Like many of Emirates’ special liveries, the latest Expo livery was designed, painted, produced and installed in-house by the teams at Emirates.

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