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Breaking: American Tourists Caught Up in “Shooting” Incident at Cancun International Airport

Breaking: American Tourists Caught Up in “Shooting” Incident at Cancun International Airport

Chaotic scenes broke out at Cancun International Airport on Monday morning after an alleged shooting occurred just outside the main airport terminal building.

Video footage taken by witnesses showed passengers running alongside what appears to be an American Airlines plane on the tarmac at the airport.  Other footage showed passengers running from the building and heavily armed police entering the airport.

Reports claim the terminal has been partially evacuated and that firefighters are on the scene. Some witnesses described a gunfire type sound, while others reported a loud “explosion”.

There are, however, reports that the ‘gunfire’ could have a more innocent explanation but that passengers became caught up in the panic.

The normally safe tourist enclave of Cancun has been rocked by a wave of violent crime in recent months.  In December, gunfire broke out at a Cancun beach resort sending tourists running for cover.  That incident, no one was injured,

But in January, two Canadians were shot dead at the upscale Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Playa del Carmen which is around 45 miles south of Cancun.

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Armed police have been deployed to popular beach resorts in recent in an attempt to stem the tide of violent crime.

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